5 Time Management Apps for the iPhone

An iPhone user holds his phone in Palo Alto, Calif. See more iPhone pictures.
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

The introduction of the cell phone led to the introduction of the one question rarely asked before mobile devices were created, "Where are you?" Now that the technology is entrenched in daily life the question of where you are has largely been supplanted by, "What are you doing?"

Now, a new generation of smartphones and devices can finally help you answer that question. iPhone apps targeting time management allow a user to push a button or glance at a screen and the random events of life seem to come together as a cohesive list.

Not that any of these apps can truly offer a hard and fast certainty about making sense out of a day, but they may provide the user an edge. Time management is a science and art, and these new apps bring technology to the mix, too. Whether that's good or bad really depends on the user -- as the old military adage says, "Plans rarely survive contact with the enemy."

Join us now, as we run through a short list of a few iPhone apps that have been designed to help you better manage your time.