Home Telephones

Explore the technology and options for home telephones. Learn how cordless phones work, what 900 MHz is, how ATT is and what the colored wires on your phone jack are.

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Cordless phones have been around awhile, but have you ever looked inside of one? See the next few pages as we take apart this cordless phone.

The Verizon Hub is like a home phone, smartphone, computer and TV all rolled into one. Will this device revolutionize the way we communicate?

By Jonathan Strickland

With all the different colored wires used in communications, what do the yellow and black wires in a home telephone jack do?


What exactly are the components of a digital answering machine? How does voice get recorded? And then, how is it played back on demand?

It's possible and relatively easy for someone to tap into your phone line or cell phone. With a few tips, it's also easy to tell if someone tapped your phone.

I've been looking at cordless phones and have noticed that this area has gotten fairly complicated! For example, what is the difference between 900 MHz and other systems?

Digital spread spectrum (DSS) technology has its roots back in World War II and has evolved into the technology of choice for the cordless phone. Cordless phones are now truly "ready for prime-time" thanks to affordable DSS technology.