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Telecommunications devices, including cell phones, satellite radio or Voice over IP, connect us to one another and to the world of information at our fingertips. Learn all about the technologies we depend upon for efficient communication.

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When 'Find My Phone' Fails

This app, which is supposed to locate your cell phone, has sent more than one person to the same wrong house. But why?

Driver's License on Your Phone? There's an App for That

Soon, the state trooper at your car window might ask you for your vehicle registration, proof of insurance — and your smartphone.

IBM Developing App to Provide Early Warning for Cravings and Mood Swings

What if you could get advance warnings before feeling depressed or craving a chocolate binge? IBM's still-in-development wearable tech Appetit could do just that..

Rumblr: The Real Value of a Fake App

This "Fight Club" app turned out to be a hoax, but could it have served a positive purpose by being real?

TechStuff: Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking your phone can lead to a more personalized user experience. Learn more about jailbreaking in this video from TechStuff.

How does Google Maps predict traffic?

It's drive time. You open up your Google Maps app to see where the traffic bottlenecks are. But where does the app get its information? Here's a hint: It might come from you.

Would a cell phone work on a submerged submarine?

An ever-expanding network of cell towers means you can call a friend from some of the world's most remote spots. But can you do it from the bottom of the ocean?

How does my iPhone know when the person texting me is typing?

You just sent someone a text message on your iPhone, and now you're waiting for him to text back. You know he's typing something because you see those three little bubbles. But how does your phone know that?

Can selfies reveal trends in our moods?

Your latest selfie might reveal more about what's going on in your community or country than what's going on with your hair today.

How the Amazon Fire Phone Works

Amazon's jumped into the smartphone market with a device that's loaded with bells and whistles. But does the Fire phone pose a threat to privacy? And is it just geared to making us buy more things from Amazon?

How Transparent Texting Works

Strolling along with your attention focused on your smartphone screen is a recipe for disaster. Well, there's an app for that.

Why don't carriers want a 'kill switch' for stolen phones?

Cell phone theft accounts for nearly half of all U.S. robberies. That's why some big city mayors are calling for mandatory kill switches on phones to make them inoperable if stolen. But mobile carriers are fighting the requirement. Why?

How MagicJack Works

You may have seen ads for the MagicJack on late night TV or seen them displayed in retail outlets. Can the MagicJack's promise of low-cost phone service be for real?

Why am I getting Amber alerts on my phone?

You may have been awakened in the night by loud blaring noise and an alert text on your phone. Who sends these alerts, and why are you getting them?

How could an iPhone tell it's being stolen?

Thefts of hand-held devices are on the rise, and iPhones are very popular with thieves. Apple's working on a solution -- a new use of the phone's accelerometer that can actually tell if it's in the hand of a bandit.

What should I do if the home button on my iPhone stops working?

Whether it’s slow to respond or flat-out broken, a failing home button is a major iPhone annoyance. Will you have to pay to have it serviced or replaced, or can you address the problem on your own?

How do I take a screen capture on my smartphone?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to snag a screen capture of your smartphone: an epic texting conversation that you want to immortalize, for example. But do you know how to do it?

Is it smarter to use a retailer's mobile app or their Web site to shop with them?

Mobile e-commerce is all the rage these days. So is the argument over mobile apps versus the Web. So which is the better option for online shopping on the go: a company's app, or its Web site?

Why do apps ask permission to post as me on Facebook?

Millions of people enjoy the games and other applications on Facebook. But to participate, they have to give the apps permission. Do the developers have something up their sleeves?

What's the best e-reader app to use on a smartphone?

Why buy an expensive e-reader when you can e-read any book you want on your phone? Go ahead and download one of these e-reader apps, then devour a juicy novel.

Why are 'unlocked' phones more expensive than locked ones?

In the past, if you wanted to own an iPhone, AT&T was the service provider you had to live with. Now you can get an "unlocked" iPhone and select any carrier you choose -- but it'll cost you.

Does keeping texts on my phone slow its performance?

Is your texting app taking a little longer to open, not responding well to typing or won't send texts quickly? You might have way too many old text messages hanging around.

Do smartphone covers really protect phones from damage?

Protecting a smartphone with a case is a no-brainer for a lot of phone owners. Others, however, don't think smartphone case protection is all it's cracked up to be.

If I put my smartphone in an armband or pocket while I run, can it overheat?

Smartphones can get a little hot when they're engaging in some heavy activity. But can that and their owners' exercise push them over the edge and make them overheat?

5 Useful Boating Apps for the iPhone

You may use your iPhone for everything from paying for groceries to helping you with your taxes, but it can also help you when you're out boating. Hurricane warnings? Yeah, there's an app for that.