10 Mobile Apps for Music Lovers

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Music is everywhere today. Mobile devices like your iPod or Android phone let you lay down a virtual soundtrack for your life. You can listen to your collection of tunes, stream music, learn what your friends are listening to, and share music -- all while you're on the go. Hundreds of music apps compete with each other, and almost all of them have mobile versions.

What are music apps all about? Can't I just download music from my computer to my mobile devices and listen to it? You can, of course, but mobile apps let you do much more. Apps help you manage your songs. They take your current collection of tunes and let you arrange them into playlists, tag them, rearrange them and add new ones, right from your smartphone or tablet.

What excites many music lovers is the way apps enable you to discover new music that suits your taste. There are thousands of tunes out there, old and new, that you've never heard. Apps give you access to a huge variety of radio stations, streams and sharing services that clue you in to tunes you'll love, no matter what your taste.

Let's take a look at some of the coolest music apps going.