Photography Tips

Photography tips can really improve the quality of your photos. By learning photography terms and gaining an understanding of the equipment, you can really improve your skills. In this section you'll find great photography tips.


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Why It's Important to Digitize Your Vintage Photos and Movies

Have a ton of precious old movies, photos and VHS tapes sitting in boxes gathering dust? It's time to go digital and preserve those memories for future generations.

Pro Tips on Posing for Perfect Pics

Forget those awkward family photos! We talked to two photography experts on how to look your best in every photo, every time.

10 Iconic Photographs That Captured the World’s Imagination

Among the millions of pictures taken every year, some capture our hearts and stand the test of time. Here are the stories behind 10 of the most iconic.

Stunning Images Win 2016 International Drone Photography Contest

Images of glowing volcanos, daring snowboarders and mysterious beaches took top awards in the Dronestagram competition.

7 Animals You Should Never Take Selfies With

Your selfie game is strong, but these animals are stronger. Don't be taken unaware by wild creatures while upping your Insta-worth.

How to Use Photo Editing Software to Remove Red Eye

That shot of your kid would be so cute if only he didn't look like Rosemary's toddler. How can you ditch the demonic in your photos once and for all?

How should a digital camera be cleaned?

Dust has this amazing superpower to wiggle its way into everything – including your digital camera and the memories you attempt to capture with it. Isn't it time you sent that dust packing?

What is a tilt-shift photography lens?

Tilt-shift photography takes the power of the angle to an extreme. By altering the plane of focus of a photograph and distorting the perspective, tilt-shift photography can make a normal scene look like a miniature model set.

What makes a great travel photo?

It's tempting to use the snap-and-go method of photography when you're traveling, but really great, memorable shots require more careful composition and planning.

5 Tips for Storing and Sharing Photos in the Cloud

Cloud photo storage allows you to share photos readily and safeguard them from digital disaster. In this article, we'll share tips for navigating cloud-based photo services.

5 Sports Photography Tips

Want to compete with the big boys when it comes to capturing that perfect action shot? Get the tips and tricks to shoot like a pro -- even if you're photographing your kid's soccer game.

5 Plant Photography Tips

Nature is filled with flora that's a delight to behold, but capturing that magic in a photograph is a challenge. Get the tips you need to get the perfect shot of Mother Nature's bounty.

What is fisheye lens photography?

Look through a door's peephole and you'll see how a fisheye lens can distort a scene while providing a 180-degree view. So how are these lenses used?

5 Macro Photography Tips

Getting an extreme close-up takes artistry, but your creativity can really flourish if you have a little know-how. Want to take your snaps of small subjects to the next level?

5 Film Noir Photography Tips

High drama and dim light are the hallmarks of film noir, and those elements are also vital to film noir photography.

5 Low Light Photography Tips

If photography is all about capturing light to record an image onto a medium, how can you take pictures when there's very little light present?

How to Create Black-and-White Photographs With Color Accents

A red rose, a green eye, a gold ring: Against a black-and-white background, colored objects command attention. How can you create this effect at home?

5 Tips for Slow Shutter Speed Photography

The longer a camera's shutter stays open, the more light it takes in, and photographers use that fact to create breathtaking images, capturing the beauty of motion. What are the best pro tips for creating eye-popping photos using slow shutter speed?

5 Film Photography Tips

Did digital really kill the film photography star? If recent trends are any indication, maybe not. So dust off your analog camera and follow us!

5 Architectural Photography Tips

When it comes to snapping shots, building and bridges are a breeze, right? Actually, photographing architecture can be surprisingly complex -- but also very rewarding.

How to Place Watermarks on Pictures

You've made a picture on your computer, pasted it into a Word document and would like to know how to place a watermark on the picture. Here's how to place a watermark on pictures.

How to Resize a Photo

It's not hard to learn how to resize your digital photos. Learn about how to resize a photo in this article.

How to Find Good Photography Classes

While snapping pictures is a lot of fun, learning how to do more sophisticated photography can be intimidating for beginners and professionals alike. So how can you find a good photography class to learn the newest techniques?

How to Create Family Keepsake Photo Albums

Photo albums aren't what they used to be. Now, there are decorative scrap books, digital photo albums and even quilts that tell a story. The ideas are limitless, so you have no excuse to put it off. Make your keepsake photo album today with our help.

5 Black-and-white Photography Tips

The world certainly looks different, and often more interesting, in black-and-white. What's the secret to taking the perfect monochromatic photo?