How Digital Photobooks Work

If you're adept at graphic design and you already have photo-editing software installed on your computer, you can create your photobook on your own. See more camera stuff pictures.
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Think for a moment about your old photo albums. Several of them are probably in shabby shape with the plastic covers no longer adhering to the sticky pages. Perhaps there's at least one book you never completed because you still have half a dozen undeveloped film rolls stored in some forgotten drawer in your home. Then there are the ones filled with imperfect memories -- a forehead cut off in one image, a double-exposure in another.

As valuable and precious as our old photo albums are to us, these days we can't help but see their flaws in light of modern versions -- digital photobooks -- which offer sleek, streamlined pages and picture editing. In these versions, you can create colorful layouts and add captions. You can touch up and crop photos, be they images uploaded directly from your camera or old photographs that are scanned in and digitized. When it comes to printing, you have the option of doing it yourself or calling on a professional. And unlike traditional photo albums, you can easily create multiple copies to give to friends and family.

Digital photobooks are not unlike digital scrapbooks. Both involve scanning and importing pictures, then fiddling with the computer layout until you achieve the design you're shooting for. Unlike scrapbooks, however, photobooks are primarily focused on photographs. If you want to showcase your photography or images of your family, a photobook would be your best choice. If you'd like to add additional memories, such as theater tickets or crayon drawings by your grandchildren, a scrapbook would be a better option.

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