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Video games have come of age as an entertainment medium and the technology continues to mature. Learn about how your favorite video game consoles work, and see what's on the gaming horizon.

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Top 5 Kinect Hacks

Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 has revolutionized the gaming experience, but it's also had some unexpected side benefits. Here are five ingenious ways that hackers have taken the Kinect to a whole new level.

How Gamification Works

Gamification is rapidly changing the way we interact with our world. Education, business and health are all becoming more gamified every single day. Odds are, you're participating in gamified systems without even knowing it.

Top 5 Computer vs. Human Game Matchups

As efforts to create artificial intelligence become more sophisticated, humans like to test computers to see whether they can beat people at games of skill and chance. Can a computer win without cheating?

How PlayStation Move Works

With the recent release of the PlayStation Move, gamers have been weighing in on the pros and cons of this new device and how it compares with the Nintendo Wii. Let's take a look at what makes the Move unique.

Does violence in movies and video games desensitize us to the real thing?

People find violent movies and video games entertaining, but over the years more people have become concerned with the notion that watching violence makes people less sensitive to it. Is there reason for concern?

How Microsoft Kinect Works

Microsoft's Kinect takes motion-controlled video games to the next level: There's no controller at all. How does the machine know what you're doing and use it to control the game?

How the Wii Balance Board Works

The Wii Balance Board for Nintendo's innovative game console tracks a user's weight and movements, letting the board act as a game controller. What's behind the board's technology, and how did sumo wrestlers serve as its inspiration?

How Dungeons & Dragons Online Works

The venerable role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons now has a very popular -- and free -- online version. What makes the computer game different, and more importantly, is it fun?

How the Emotiv EPOC Works

Emotiv has a leg up on an intuitive interface for video games. For anyone who's ever fantasized about having the Force of Jedi Knighthood, the EPOC is a dream come true.

Halo Pictures

Halo pictures cover the story and features of the popular Halo series, from the first game to Halo 3. Learn about Halo with Halo pictures.

Video Game System Pictures

Video games have become an incredibly popular -- and diverse -- pastime since their introduction. Explore the history of video game systems, from the Atari to the Xbox 360.

How Becoming a Video Game Designer Works

Video game designers need to have analytical knowledge as well as strong creative skills. How do you become a video game designer?

How Making a Video Game Works

Playing a video game nowadays is like entering another world, one with its own unique sights, sounds and realities. Game playing is also growing in frequency -- users spend up to four hours a day playing games. But how many players stop and think abo

What is a virtual band?

So you've got a pretty sweet piano melody, but no band. Upload that melody to a virtual band Web site and watch while other musicians round out your tune with drums, guitar -- maybe even an oboe.

Will Guitar Hero really make me a better guitar player?

Musicians may thumb their noses at the skill it takes to strum buttons on a plastic guitar. But some of that Guitar Hero dexterity could benefit a novice learning to play the real instrument.

How Rock Band Works

What part do you play in your rock star fantasy? Lead singer, bass guitar player, drummer? Pick an instrument, a hair style, your next big gig. This is more than a video game.

How Video Game Testers Work

Many people think that being a video game tester is a dream job, but it isn't as easy as you think. Learn more about the responsibilities of a video game tester in this article.

How Piano Wizard Works

Piano Wizard is a computer program that lets you have fun while you learn how to play the piano. Are you the next Ben Folds? Or Liberace?

How Guitar Hero Works

All across the world, average couch potatoes are standing up, taking a plastic guitar and rockin' their hearts out. Find out how the video game Guitar Hero has gripped its maniacal following.

How many calories do you burn playing the average Wii game?

Video gamers looking to work up a sweat swear Wii Sports games get their heart rate going. Find out how one Wii geek lost 9 pounds (4 kilograms) playing video tennis.

Are surgeons using video games for training?

A study suggests surgeons who play video games might have finer surgical skills than those who never play. So should med school students throw down the anatomy book and grab a joystick?

Do violent video games lead to real violence?

Entertainment media has always made a great scapegoat for bad behavior and violence. But is it legitimate? Do violent video games really lead to real-life violence?

What are the best video games that were never made?

For serious gamers, there's nothing worse than finding out an eagerly anticipated video game has been scrapped. Is your favorite game that never was on our list?

World of Warcraft: A Beginner's Guide

World of Warcraft uses simple concepts to build a complex game system. The game itself teaches people how to play, and there are lots of resources, both inside the game and out, for finding answers to questions.

How World of Warcraft Works

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular PC video games on the market. Find out why World of Warcraft is so popular and learn how World of Warcraft works.