Video Games Peripherals

Before you can play the game, you’ve got to know your peripherals. Learn how joysticks, light guns and other devices work.


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Putting Yourself Into a Video Game for Free Just Got Way Easier

New, free avatar-creation technology developed at USC means video gamers could be significantly closer to playing as themselves on the small screen.

How the PlayStation Camera Works

Handheld controllers for gaming systems may soon be passe. We're now living at a time when we can shout commands or flail our limbs about to control our entertainment systems.

10 Reuses for Old Video Game Controllers

You enjoyed playing video games with your NES controller back in the day. Then you put it into a drawer as technology evolved. Now you're ready to toss it. But wait! That gadget may have a new life as a remote control or even a fashion accessory.

What to do with a Broken Guitar Hero Guitar

Who doesn't like Guitar Hero? It's a video game that let's you reenact those sweaty teenage fantasies you once had about being a rock star. Learn more about what to do with a broken Guitar Hero guitar.

What’s the best type of video card for computer gaming?

electing a video card means more than just opting for lots of memory. Learn about the best type of video card for computer gaming in this article.

How the Wii Balance Board Works

The Wii Balance Board for Nintendo's innovative game console tracks a user's weight and movements, letting the board act as a game controller. What's behind the board's technology, and how did sumo wrestlers serve as its inspiration?

How Media Chairs Work

With built-in surround-sound speakers, amps and subwoofers, media chairs just might be the next big thing in home theater and gaming systems. What makes a chair a media chair?

Pistol or Battle Rifle?

The Pistol, the Battle Rifle -- the debate raged among Halo fans as to which gun is best. HowStuffWorks gets to the bottom of this question by going straight to the source.

How Joysticks Work

Video games are amazing creations, but the fact remains that if you input you can't play. Take a look inside the quintessential game controller and see how it has evolved over the years.

How does the light gun for a video game work?

How does a video-game light gun work? How does the game know where the gun is aiming? See the technology behind this popular video game accessory.