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The Candy Crush Quiz

Candy Crush seems easy — simply match three candies of the same color. But something about it keeps players hooked. How sweet are you on this addictive game? Take the Candy Crush quiz and find out!

Virtual Reality Arcades Are Getting Real in the U.S.

And they look super fun, whether you're a gamer or not.

How Alternate Reality Gaming Works

Who cares if it's an elaborate marketing scheme if it's fun? In alternate reality gaming, the line between fiction and reality is blurred, and players enter a world filled with rabbit holes and mysteries.

Are there scholarships for video game players?

College scholarships for video gamers? You'd better believe it. The payoff is big at colleges offering a boost to the field's best and brightest up-and-comers.

Do video games really improve hand-eye coordination?

The debate on whether video games help players build any lasting skills is as old as video games themselves. Luckily, science has decided to weigh in on the conversation — including the claim that gaming improves hand-eye coordination.

Is there an archive for out-of-print video games?

Scratching the nostalgia itch can be tricky — especially if it involves playing classic out-of-print video games like "Oregon Trail" or "Street Fighter II." But fear not: When you're in the mood for a little old-school gaming, you have options.

How Gold Farming Works

Don't be a n00b — gold farming has nothing to do with actual mining. The practice of selling virtual gold for actual cash might be lucrative, but it's also been accused of creating "virtual sweatshops" in many countries.

How Twitch Works

Video games have been popular for years, and now Twitch lets players and oglers share their love of gaming in real time. Think you're ready to broadcast your gaming skills (or lack thereof)?

How Project Morpheus Works

You may have seen the occasional VR headset in an arcade, and home models have popped up now and again, only to fizzle. Sony is hoping to change that with Project Morpheus.

How the Oculus Rift Works

Gamers everywhere have often waxed rhapsodic about the idea of fully immersive 3-D play. Can Oculus Rift deliver the virtual reality we've been waiting for?

How the BodyMedia Fit Works

Positive reinforcement can help you achieve your goals. If you're hoping to achieve physical fitness, the BodyMedia FIT might help you, too. How does it record your progress, and how can you use it to your advantage?

How Gamification Works

Gamification is rapidly changing the way we interact with our world. Education, business and health are all becoming more gamified every single day. Odds are, you're participating in gamified systems without even knowing it.

Top 5 Computer vs. Human Game Matchups

As efforts to create artificial intelligence become more sophisticated, humans like to test computers to see whether they can beat people at games of skill and chance. Can a computer win without cheating?

What is a virtual band?

So you've got a pretty sweet piano melody, but no band. Upload that melody to a virtual band Web site and watch while other musicians round out your tune with drums, guitar -- maybe even an oboe.

How Piano Wizard Works

Piano Wizard is a computer program that lets you have fun while you learn how to play the piano. Are you the next Ben Folds? Or Liberace?

Will artificial intelligence invade Second Life?

A software company called Novamente has announced plans to release artificial intelligences into virtual worlds like the ultra-popular "Second Life." Why?

How Works

Combining people's love for taking care of fictional critters with the enjoyment of puzzle games, Neopets is a hit. Peek behind the scenes at the creators and owners of Neopets and explore the controversies that surround the site.

How Billiard Tables Work

Billiards, also known as pool, is played all over the world. But there's a lot more to it than just putting a ball in a pocket. Find out how pool tables are made, and learn about the games that are played on them.

How Pinball Machines Work

The pinball machine is an arcade standard that most enjoy having a game or two on. There are also those who have truly mastered its secrets. Find out about the vagaries and nuances of tilt sensors, replays, matches, combination shots and more.

How does the ball return work on a coin-operated pool table?

On a coin-operated pool table, if you hit one of the numbered balls into a pocket, the ball goes into a locked storage compartment. If you hit the cue ball into a pocket, the table returns it. How does the pool table tell the difference?

How Chess Computers Work

Have you ever wondered how a $30 program can consistently beat you at chess? Computer chess programs calculate their game plan based on formulas -- algorithms that determine whether a position is "good" or "bad," taking the whole board into account.