How to Set up Wi-Fi for the Nintendo DS

By: Contributors

You can play online-capable games with other players from anywhere in the world on your Nintendo DS. Simply connect your Nintendo DS to a Wi-Fi connection by following steps below, and you'll be gaming online in no time.

  • Insert an online-capable game into your Nintendo DS [source: Jordan].
  • Turn on the system and access the game's main menu.
  • Select Nintendo WFC. If you don't see that option, check the game's manual for more information.
  • Touch the option on the screen to enter the Wi-Fi connection settings [source: Nintendo].
  • Locate the three connections where you can save different settings. If your Nintendo DS has already been connected to a Wi-Fi network for one or more of the settings, those settings will say Ready. Any settings that have never been used will read None [source: Jordan]. If there is already an existing connection that isn't working or if you just want to clear out the old connections and start fresh, touch Erase Settings [source: Nintendo].
  • Select one of the empty connections to access the settings [source: Jordan].
  • Tap Search for an Access Point on the Connection Settings screen. Your DS will search for any wireless networks in the area [source: Nintendo]. The list will include the network's name, signal strength and security status [source: Jordan]. Unsecured networks will have a blue padlock in an unlocked position. Networks with WEP security will be signified by a locked red padlock. You'll have to enter a security key to access these networks. A gray locked padlock indicates WPA security, which isn't compatible with your Nintendo DS.
  • Connect to an unsecured network by touching OK, Save Settings and then Yes after tapping the network name.
  • Unlock a red padlock by tapping the network name. Enter the WEP security key into the empty field and select OK. Touch OK again, Save Settings and then Yes [source: Nintendo].

You're ready to play online with your friends!