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Inside an Electric Toaster

Almost every household owns a toaster and this appliance have been used for many generations to toast your favorite foods like bread and waffles. Take a look inside this gadget to see how it works.

Inside a Tennis Ball Launcher

While practicing your swing, have you ever wondered how that tennis ball launcher could manage a perfect serve every time? Go to the next image to see how the tennis ball launcher looks on the inside.

Inside a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

When writing, you are making a visual recording of your thoughts. The Livescribe Pulse pen takes it a little bit further and makes a digital recording as well. See how this smartpen works.

10 Biggest Gadgets of 2011

Technology moves so quickly that sometimes it seems like every new release is outdated the minute it hits store shelves. Which electronic doodads stood out enough to make headlines in 2011?

10 Ways To Reuse or Recycle Floppy Disks

10 ways to reuse or recycle floppy disks. Learn more about the 10 ways to reuse or recycle floppy disks.

8 Great Projects to Reuse Old Cassette Tapes

In all likelihood, there is at least one small box in the back of the closet full of cassette tapes that you just haven't gotten rid of. Learn more about these 8 great projects to resuse old cassette tapes.

10 DIY Projects for Tech Nerds

Want to put that brain to work with some DIY that will actually help you in your day-to-day grind? From cooking with the sun to protecting the screen on your smartphone, these projects will satisfy your crafty techie side.

How to Hack Your Lantern Flashlight to Keep Going and Going and...

If you have a lantern flashlight, you probably know about the enormous batteries they require. An you probably also know...they aren't rechargeable. Learn more about hacking your lantern flashlight to keep going and going.

The 5 Cheapest & Easiest DIY Laptop Stands (That Are Actually Cool)

My laptop is a great little workhorse, but it overheats like nobody's business. Learn more about the 5 cheapest & easiest DIY laptop stands.

How to Build a Paper-burning Flashlight

Your son would like to build a laser flashlight that can burn paper. Follow the instructions in this article, and learn about how to build a paper-burning flashlight.

Are e-readers making books obsolete?

Bibliophiles who've spent time hauling, storing and organizing their volumes know that books aren't always the most convenient of possessions. And with e-reader and e-book sales on the rise, will printed and bound texts become things of the past?

Inside a Pocket Bike Image Gallery

Ever wonder what's inside a pocket bike? Take a look at the parts and mechanics to pocket bikes with these pictures.

Inside a Shaker Flashlight Image Gallery

Ever wonder what's inside a shaker flashlight? Take a look at this image gallery and take a look inside a shaker flashlight.

Inside a Vending Machine Image Gallery

Ever wonder what's inside a vending machine? Take a look at this vending machine image gallery to find out.

Dragon*Con 2010: Podcasting Panel Pictures

On Sept. 5, 2010, podcasters from led a panel discussion called " Podcasts: From Medici Murders to Linux and Lightsabers" at Dragon*Con, a convention celebrating science fiction, fantasy and popular culture.

How Calculators Work

Calculators may show up anywhere in our lives that numbers do -- from calculus class to restaurants -- but the technology that powers these devices is fairly recent. What made it possible, and how does it work?

Top 5 Gadgets of 2009

Every year it seems like there's a bumper crop of new electronics on the market, and lots more on the way. So how did we pick our favorites for 2009? It wasn't easy.

Virtual Reality Pictures

What do you think of when you hear the words virtual reality (VR)? A clunky helmet wired to a computer with thick cables? Or funky goggles and high-tech feedback gloves? Explore the many virtual reality applications and technologies.

How the Taser Shotgun Shell Works

The Taser can be used to subdue subjects at close range, but what happens when police need to stop large crowds at a distance? They use Taser shotgun shells.

What if I accidentally zapped someone with my stun gun?

Millions of police officers, soldiers and ordinary citizens carry real-life stun weapons to protect against personal attacks. But what happens if one of those people accidentally stuns someone else?

Gifts and Gadgets for Kids of All Ages

Love the pitter-patter of tiny robotic feet? Need a way to stash your cash? Check out some of the latest Discovery gifts and gadgets that are at the top of everyone's wish list this holiday season.

How Virtual Reality Gear Works

The demand for virtual reality gear is determined by its uses in the medical, military and entertainment markets. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of devices like head-mounted displays.

How Virtual Reality Works

Virtual reality uses a computer to create a simulated three-dimensional world. Find out how virtual reality works and learn about the future of virtual reality.

Top 10 Fantasy Father's Day Gifts

What would the ultimate Father's Day look like if you let your imagination run wild? Here's a Top 10 list of the ultimate Father's Day gifts.

12 New Technologies in the 1980s

If you lived through the 1980s, then you know it was an amazing decade. It seemed like every month some cool new technology came onto the market. See the most popular consumer products that made their mark.