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How the LG Styler Works

Looking rather like a fridge for fabrics, the Styler is a clothes manager that's designed to freshen up your duds. How does it work?

How Wireless Mobile Chargers Work

Although we love our mobile gadgetry, all those charging cords are annoying to keep up with and carry around. Wireless chargers eliminate the need for extra cables, but how do they power up your gear?

How can an electrode suit treat nerve disorders?

Living with a nerve disorder can be extremely challenging, but there may be a new hope on the horizon. Can a garment called the Electrodress change the lives of patients forever?

Are there really condoms with QR codes?

If you left your house at all in the last couple of years or so, you've seen QR codes all over the place. Scan one with your smartphone and you can check in with friends, buy a new shirt or even brag about the sex you just had.

Can clothing neutralize pollution?

Here's a new pollution fighting idea: What if our clothing could clean the air it touched, while we were simply walking around going about our business?

Are nanomaterials dangerous?

Nanomaterials can be used to improve everyday objects in ways you might normally take for granted. But are nanomaterials dangerous, too?

What is the Board of Awesomeness?

A product with a name as audacious as "The Board of Awesomeness," had better be, well, awesome. So, does Chaotic Moon's latest creation deliver?

How can you hear a call on a smartphone that doesn't have a speaker?

All smartphones have a speaker so you can hear what the person on the other end of the line has to say. But what if your smartphone didn't have a speaker?

What is Google Goggles?

Goggles is a Google invention that allows you to search for information using visual clues from the real world. Take a gander at Goggles in this article.

Can mobile devices really be waterproof?

Thanks to nanotechnology, you may no longer need to live in fear of dropping your smartphone in the toilet or sink. Is dependable waterproofing for smartphones and tablets really happening?

How the 4moms Origami Stroller Works

So, you're a new parent and you want some high-tech baby gadgetry that'll make you standout at playgroup? This state-of-the-art stroller should do the trick.

5 Awesome Gadgets That Never Made It

These days, it's easy to get caught up in the pre-release hype surrounding the hottest new gadgets. Some devices look like they'll be duds even before they launch. Others look like sure bets -- and aren't.

How Electronic Tattoos Work

Nope, it's not a tramp stamp that lights up, but this slim, circuitry-filled sticker could save your life someday. And that's pretty cool, isn't it?

How BrailleTouch Works

The BrailleTouch allows touch typing for the visually impaired -- and more. Check out this innovative, game-changing tech in this article.

What's a DNA robot, and how could it change medicine?

Of all the threats to your bodily health, cancer claims a top spot, and battling this chronic killer takes a heavy toll on the entire body. Could DNA robots eliminate that collateral damage?

How the Solowheel Works

The Solowheel is an impressive piece of modern engineering. But how were the inventors able to boil personal transportation down into something not much larger than a soccer ball?

How Programmable Planters Work

If you love houseplants, but haven't had much success keeping them healthy, technology has come to save the day. Now you can buy or build a planter that takes care of all the plant care guesswork for you.

Are Facebook and Ford teaming up to make a social automobile?

Fiddling with social media sites is the last thing you want to do while operating a motor vehicle. But what if you could drive and get your Facebook fix -- safely and automatically?

How Motion Control Works

Whether you're frantically windmilling your arms at the Wii or getting blasted by a spotlight while sneaking across your neighbor's lawn, motion control is hard at work. We'll tell you how.

10 Gadgets That Will Make Dad's Day

Finding a gift for the dad who has everything can seem challenging. But with new technology constantly on the march, there are always possibilities for gadget-loving papas. Here are our very best tech gift ideas for Dad.

How Thermochromic Ink Works

Temperature-sensitive inks once rocked the '70s in the form of mood rings. These days, they're turning products like beer cans, wallpaper and footballs into color-changing chameleons.

How Contact Lens Displays Work

Is everything an indistinguishable blur until you slip in your contact lenses every day? A band of researchers is determined to make those tiny, translucent discs way cooler, helping you to "see" a lot more than the world around you. Here's how.

How Magnetic Soap Works

Normally we love soap, the ultimate germ fighter, but after an oil spill, a whole lot of soap may be squirted into the environment and linger in the affected ecoystems. How does magnetic soap hightail it out of there?

How E-writers Work

Stories about electronic readers and tablets are all over the tech media these days. But what if you want a simple electronic device that lets you write down your thoughts? Perhaps you need an e-writer.

How DASH Will Work

Watching video still has its problems -- buffering, stuttering and proprietary software all conspire to make the experience less than ideal. Can DASH save the day and bring smooth playback to us all?