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Can You Fix the Dirty Screen Effect?

That grayish background on your TV may not be because of your infrequent screen-cleaning. There's a problem called the dirty screen effect that sometimes appears, thanks to the inner workings of your TV.

How Amazon Fire TV Works

Set-top boxes are a good bridge between the Internet and your TV and the newest player in the game is Amazon Fire TV. So, is this device good for you, or just good for Amazon?

How Facebook TV Will Work

With hundreds of millions of subscribers, Facebook commands an enormous audience. The company could prove to be a fantastic venue for online video. Could Facebook be the next big TV channel?

What does 1080i mean?

When it comes to TV transmissions, 1080i means that there are 1,080 lines on the screen and they're interlaced (displayed alternatively). Learn about what 1080i means from this article.

What does 1080p mean?

When dealing with high-definition TV, 1080p means that there are 1,080 lines on the screen, and they're displayed progressively, not alternatively. Learn what 1080p means from this article.

What's the difference between a LCD TV and a DLP TV?

New digital imaging technologies for flat screen TVs have advantages and limitations. Learn about the difference between a LCD TV and a DLP TV in this article.

What's the difference between a LCD TV and a plasma TV?

Plasma screens seem to be better than LCDs when you’re considering very large screens. Learn about the difference between LCD TV and plasma TV from this article.

How to Connect a Projector to a TV

You don't know how to connect your new projector to your TV. This article will tell you how to connect a projector to a TV.

How to Find the Right Flat-screen TV

Would you like to know how to find the right flat-screen TV? Hopefully at the end of this article you'll know how to find the right flat-screen TV.

How to PC-Power Your TV Set

If you know how to PC-power your TV set, you can view everything from your computer on your TV set. Learn about how to PC-power your TV set in this article.

How to Recycle Remote Controls

Did you ever wonder how to recycle your old remote controls and put them to use? Learn about how to recycle remote controls in this article.

How to Recycle TVs

Learn how to recycle your old TVs, and you'll clear out some space, donate to the needy and help the environment. Learn about how to recycle TVs in this article.

How to Boost Digital TV Signals

Once you know how to boost digital TV signals, you'll never miss any scenes of your favorite show due to poor DTV reception. This article shows you how to boost digital TV signals.

Can you watch TV with an antenna?

You may be able to keep using your old antenna or you may have to add a new one or an outdoor one. Learn whether you can watch TV with an antenna from this article.

Do portable TV's still work?

Yes, portable analog TVs still work, but you may need to get a digital-to-analog converter box. Learn whether portable TVs still work from this article.

Can you record TV on your PC?

You can definitely use your PC as a video recorder, with a few pointers. Learn whether you can record TV on your PC in this article.

How to Build a Digital TV Antenna

You'd like a digital TV antenna, and would like to try building it yourself. Learn about how to build a digital TV antenna in this article.

TV Signals Roundup

You have to have a TV signal if you want to watch your favorite television programming. From cable to digital, learn about the different types of TV signals.

Are thin-screen TVs more fragile than rear-projection or CRT TVs?

Flat-panel TVs are thinner than the behemoths that used to sit in our living rooms. But glass is glass -- is there really any difference in how fragile these new TVs are?

How 3-D TV Works

When you think of watching a movie in 3-D, you may think of those goofy glasses with multicolor lenses. But that's the old way to do 3-D. Now, you might not need glasses at all.

How Apple TV Works

Apple TV has been around since 2006, but it's fallen out of favor with Apple fans as the company turned its attention toward music lovers. Now, Apple TVs are flying off the shelves as users discover their compatibility with HDTV.

TV Evolution Pictures

TVs have come a long way since the early days. Tune in to see how televisions have evolved from the clunky sets of the 1940s to today’s streamlined, Internet-accessing units.

Do I really need a digital converter box for my TV?

On Feb. 17, 2009, TV sets in the United States will need a converter to watch local stations. Is your television ready for the switch?

How Internet TV Works

Internet TV is relatively new -- there are lots of different ways to get it, and quality, content and cost can vary greatly. Internet TV streams television signals over the Internet to a person's computer screen or TV set.

How Television Works

Television has been around long enough to seem ordinary, but the box that brings TV shows into your home is an amazing device. How is the picture formed? Where does the color come from? Find out.