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Curious about HDTV and all of the available options? Learn about HD technology, HD upconverters, plasma displays, HDMI and more.

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Have you ever noticed video quality to be a little fuzzy, gone into settings and wondered if 720p vs. 1080p makes that much of a difference? Let us explain.

By Zach Taras

DLP is an imaging technology used for television and projectors. Learn what a DLP TV is in this article.

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Cowboys Stadium features the biggest high-definition television in the world. No matter where you sit, you should have a great view of the action. Fans love it, but why does it make opposing teams so angry?

By Jonathan Strickland


As sports franchises try to attract more fans, teams spend millions upgrading their old stadiums and building new ones. The centerpiece in most? A really, really big HDTV.

By Nathan Chandler & Yara Simón

The biggest changes in high-definition televisions over the past few years are related to screen size, thickness and price. Can we cram more pixels into our TV displays?

By Jonathan Strickland

A high-definition television is a pretty common sight these days, but it wasn't that long ago when seeing one was a real curiosity. When did the first HDTV make the scene?

By Jonathan Strickland

LCD HDTVs are often criticized because they have difficulty showing a true black color. This is because LCDs use scanning backlights. What do they do?

By Jonathan Strickland


If bigger is better, then ultra-high definition TV will be the best way to watch television in the not-too-distant future. This larger-than-life technology will immerse viewers in a world of realistic quality.

By Jessika Toothman

HDMI is more than a port on the back of a TV (and the often expensive cable that fits inside). It's a set of rules for allowing high-definition electronic devices to communicate.

By Tracy V. Wilson & Marie Look

After all of the hype, the experience of watching a brand new HDTV can be a little anticlimactic. Find out why and what you can do to improve it.

By Tracy V. Wilson

Learn how HD-DVDs differ from DVDs and what's happening in the struggle between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.

By Tracy V. Wilson


If you've heard of an HD upconverter, you're way ahead of most folks. So what's this new addition? What exactly are we trying to "upconvert"? Find out what HD upconverters do and why you might want one.

By Ed Grabianowski

Say goodbye to DVD as the top-of-the-line digital storage format -- it pales in comparison to Blu-ray. New blue-laser discs feature unbelievable storage capacity.

By Stephanie Watson

Think your living room isn't big enough to squeeze in a large-screen TV? Plasma displays fit the components for a huge screen into a unit that's less than 6 inches deep.

By Tom Harris

Digital television boasts up to 10 times the detail of regular analog TV, and DTV stations are on the air in full force. Find out all about this top-of-the-line format and the future of television.

By Marshall Brain


When the first high-definition television (HDTV) sets hit the market in 1998, movie buffs, sports fans and tech aficionados got pretty excited, and for good reason. Ads for the sets hinted at a television paradise with superior resolution and digital

By Tracy V. Wilson