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How to Look and Sound Good on Your Videoconference Call

Between the greenish images and the audio glitches, hardly anyone looks or sounds good on video chat. But there are some simple techniques to make you seem more like the star you are.

View the Incredible Winners of the Slow Motion Video Awards

Yes, that's a thing. And the videos are spectacular.

The World Has Finally Made Its Very Last New VCR

Many of us assumed the VHS video cassette player was already a thing of the past. Now it’s officially being laid to rest.

How Chromecast Works

Chromecast is a tiny TV dongle that promises to bring you streaming media controlled via your mobile device. Can it compete with the rest of the streaming media market?

How DVD Players Work

DVD players are exceptionally precise pieces of equipment. See how DVD players work, including information on DVD drives, outputs and more.

How LCD Projectors Work

So you're having a rager and thought playing movies on the side of the house would be awesome. You're going to need an LCD projector.

How to Fix a Scratched DVD

Your DVD disc got scratched and you want to know how to fix it. This article will tell you how to fix a scratched DVD disc.

How to Expand Your DVR Size

If you know how to expand your DVR size you'll be able to store more programs on it. This article will teach you how to expand your DVR size.

How to Record Videos in Low Lit Areas

You'd like to learn how to record videos in low lit areas. This article will give you tips about how to record videos in low lit areas.

How to Connect a DVD Player to a TV

Learn how to connect a DVD player to your TV and view movies in the comfort of your own living room with our handy tips.

How to Connect a DVR to a TV

You'd like to figure out how to connect your new DVR to your TV. This article will tell you how to connect a DVR to a TV.

How to Connect a RF Modulator

You'd like to learn how to connect a RF modulator to your old TV set so that you can watch DVDs on it. Learn about how to connect a RF modulator in this article.

How do you hook up a recordable DVD player to a DVR to record?

You can run out of DVR space faster than you think. Learn about hooking up your DVD player to a DVR to record in this article.

Video Accessories Roundup

From VCRs to Blu-ray players, we'll teach you all about the technology behind various video accessories so that you can make the right choice for your home theater set up.

How TiVo Works

In 1997, TiVo promised its customers that they wouldn't have to worry about television schedules or learn to program their VCRs. Learn how the typical TiVo set works and what services TiVo provides.

How Netflix Works

The Netflix red envelope has become a staple in the home entertainment market. How did this DVD and streaming entertainment service get started, and what's next?

How DVR Works

Digital video recorders may be the future of television. If you've heard the DVR catchphrase -- "Pause live TV!" -- you may be wondering just how this is accomplished. Learn all about digital video recorders.

How Slingbox Works

Most of us don't even consider the possibility of viewing our cable TV, DVR or DVD player when we're away from home, but with a Slingbox, you can do just that.

How Flexplay DVDs Work

The EZ-D DVD is a disc that automatically blanks itself after a certain period of time. It's a movie rental that takes late fees and return trips to the video store out of the picture. Check out the science at work.

How are movies stored on DVD discs?

Even though the storage capacity of a DVD is huge, the uncompressed video data of a full-length movie would never fit on a DVD. In order to fit a movie on a DVD, you need video compression.

Why are there so many different connectors on my DVD player?

If you recently got a DVD player you might be wondering what all those connectors on the back are for. Don't worry, you don't have to use them all -- a lot of the connectors are actually redundant.

How DVDs Work

It wasn't too long ago that VHS tapes dominated the home video market, but now, DVDs have all but wiped them out. Learn how a DVD player reads a disc, see what to look for when buying a player, and read up on a little DVD history.

How does copy protection on a video tape work?

How do VHS tapes prevent you from bootlegging a copy of a movie? Find out here!

How VCRs Work

How can six hours of video fit on a $2 tape? What happens after you slide that tape into the slot? The VCR may be yesterday’s tech, but it's still a mechanical marvel. Take a look inside!