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Get educated on the basics associated with home audio & video systems. Explore the technology behind things like CDs, amplifiers and rewriteable discs.

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Don't throw out those scratched and non-functioning CDs, repair them. Learn more about how to repair scratches on a cd.

By Eric J. Leech, Planet Green

You're trying to figure out how to understand a sound equalizer. This article will teach you how to understand a sound equalizer.

By HowStuffWorks.com Contributors

Apple's AirPlay technology allows you to wirelessly stream media from one device to your entire home network. Is it the next big thing or just a high-tech toy?

By Stephanie Crawford


If you know how to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier, you can listen to music and movies as if you're there live. Learn about how to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier in this article.

By HowStuffWorks.com Contributors

The record player changed society as it made music portable and more accessible to people. How has it evolved from its original design to produce music from a disc of grooved vinyl?

By Meredith Bower

You're probably familiar with high fidelity, or hi-fi audio, but what about high definition? What's the difference? And which, if either, is better?

By Jonathan Strickland

It may seem like an audio add-on, but without an amplifier, you'd never be able to hear the music on your CDs (your neighbors might be happier, but would you?). Find out how amps pump it up to 11.

By Tom Harris


Re-writable CD's are pretty amazing things. They were the first tools in the newest generation of personal music production.

If you've ever looked closely at a CD player, you might have seen the label for a 1-bit dual D/A converter. Learn more about the digital-to-analog conversion process and how a 1-bit dual D/A converter is helpful.

CDs are certainly more widespread these days, but you've probably heard at least one audiophile insist that records have a better sound quality when it comes to their favorite music. How can this be?

What is the difference between DVD-audio and CDs? It all has to do with their sampling rate.


Is it true that you have to be very careful handling CDs and never allow your hands to touch anything but the edges?

Like soap bubbles and grease slicks, CDs reflect rainbow colors. What makes this happen?

There are several formats for distributing music. The mp3 digital audio file and the plastic compact disc are the most common, but what about the Minidisc, and how does it differ from a CD?

Most people know that digital technology has some big advantages over its predecessor, analog. But how does a digital recording differ from an analog recording, and what keeps the quality of digital from degrading over time?


Ever wonder how we got from vinyl records to CDs? Learn about analog and digital recording and shop for related products.

By Marshall Brain & Jonathan Strickland

The advent of compact discs brought about digital storage and made pinpointing data a split-second task. But when were CDs invented, and how exactly do they work? Read on to get some answers!

By Marshall Brain