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Audio and music gadgets are staples in today's world. Articles in this channel range from noise-canceling headphones to portable media centers. Learn more about audio and music gadgets.


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How to Listen to Audible Books Through Your GPS

You'd like to learn how to listen to audible books through your GPS. This article will tell you how to listen to audible books through your GPS.

How Talk Boxes Work

Music effects like Auto-Tune may have taken over the airwaves, but the talk box was one of the first devices to make musicians sound like robots. Do you feel like we do?

How to Use a Condenser Microphone

If you know how to use a condenser microphone, your audio will come out crystal clear. Learn about how to use a condenser microphone in this article.

How Metronomes Work

If you've ever played an instrument, you've probably had to keep time with a metronome. How do these mechanisms give musicians a steady tempo?

How Guitar Pedals Work

A guitar can come across a little thin if it's plugged into just an amplifier with a clean sound. Add a few pedals to the mix, though, and you could be stomping out some gnarly effects.

Inside a Keyboard Image Gallery

Every wonder what's inside your music keyboard? Take a look at these pictures to explore and learn about music keyboard components.

Audio Tech Pictures

These audio tech pictures cover your favorite music gadgets and more. Take a look at audio tech pictures.

How Headphone Earmuffs Work

Going for a run outside in the dead of winter takes dedication and several layers of clothing. Some motivational tunes could also help, but deciding between earmuffs and your MP3 player is a tough choice -- if only you could combine the two.

How Headphone Hats Work

What can an avid music lover do when the winter winds bring frostbite to uncovered ears and the need to bundle up takes precedent to jamming along with your latest play list? Try sorting through the many options available in the headphone hat market.

How the reactable Works

Learning how to play an instrument may be as simple as playing with blocks. You can get started with the reactable without even touching a user's manual.

How Noise-canceling Headsets Work

Ever had to answer your cell phone in the middle of a busy street? You could shout above the din or let your call go to voicemail, or you could speak clearly into a noise-canceling headset.

How Portable Audio Studios Work

Freed by the latest technology and dipping prices, bands are now able to put together their own recording studios -- and take them on the road.

How Noise-canceling Headphones Work

Noise-canceling headphones maximize your listening experience by removing ambient noise, all without sacrificing the sound quality of your music. But how do they do it?

How Portable Media Centers Work

You can use it to watch TV shows and movies, listen to music and flip through digital photos -- all while sitting on an airplane. Learn all about the latest addition to the mobile-entertainment market.

What causes that howling sound in PA systems?

We all know it, and it always makes us cringe -- it's that terrible howling of a PA system. Everyone calls it feedback -- what's "feedback"?

10 Types of Microphones

Like most other electronics, microphones have evolved over time. The most modern versions convert waves of air pressure into electric signals, but different models do it in very different ways.

How Tape Recorders Work

Magnetic recording is the backbone of the electronics revolution. Learn how this analog technology lets you store and erase data!