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Video Game Titles

Explore the inner-workings of your favorite video game titles. Learn more about Halo 3 and America's Army, among others.

How Americas Army Works

The U.S. military has spent millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours on ... a video game. "America's Army" has people hooked. It's free and it has amazing features. So why are people getting so worked up about it?

Unintended Consequences of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is sweeping the globe, but the story of the game's rising popularity includes criminal activity, death and even an R-rated photo or two. See more »

Pikachu Name Change Infuriates Hong Kong Pokemon Fans

A pocket monster by any other name would smell as sweet. But it would also raise issues of fan respect, linguistics, politics and cultural imperialism. See more »

After 20 Years, Pokemon Is Still Going Strong

For years, kids have been filling their Pokédexes with Pokemon they've caught in Nintendo's digital fields. Why has it stayed so popular while other franchises haven't? See more »

Your Heart — and Your Life Story — in a Computer Game

Computer games have long been a place to escape from reality. Unless, of course, that game is about your life. See more »

10 Myths About Gaming Cheats

Video games are often full of little surprises. But sometimes, there are rumors of unlockables that simply don't exist. See more »

How Dungeons & Dragons Online Works

The venerable role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons now has a very popular -- and free -- online version. What makes the computer game different, and more importantly, is it fun? See more »

Halo Pictures

Halo pictures cover the story and features of the popular Halo series, from the first game to Halo 3. Learn about Halo with Halo pictures. See more »

Will Guitar Hero really make me a better guitar player?

Musicians may thumb their noses at the skill it takes to strum buttons on a plastic guitar. But some of that Guitar Hero dexterity could benefit a novice learning to play the real instrument. See more »

How Rock Band Works

What part do you play in your rock star fantasy? Lead singer, bass guitar player, drummer? Pick an instrument, a hair style, your next big gig. This is more than a video game. See more »

How Guitar Hero Works

All across the world, average couch potatoes are standing up, taking a plastic guitar and rockin' their hearts out. Find out how the video game Guitar Hero has gripped its maniacal following. See more »