Noob or Not? How Much Do You Know About Fortnite?

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Described by The New Yorker as a cross between Minecraft and the Hunger Games, this video game is insanely popular among teens (and others). It has been downloaded more than 60 million times since its release in September 2017. See what you know about Fortnite — or learn about it — with this quiz!
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How much does Fortnite Battle Royale cost?
nothing, it's free
Part of the genius of Fortnite Battle Royale is that it’s totally free to download to whatever gaming system you’re using. Purchases can be made within the game for V-Bucks, which in turn pay for skins, pickaxes, battle passes, gliders and other stuff. Fortnite Save the World is a different version of the game, which players currently have to buy. However, creator Epic Games says it’ll become free-to-play sometime in 2018.
$5 per month
Which of the following professional gamers is not best known for his Fortnite prowess?
Although Stampylongnose (not his real name, thank goodness) plays Fortnite, he’s best known for his elaborate Minecraft worlds.
Which of the following is an available vehicle in Fortnite?
shopping cart
That’s right, a standard shopping cart is a vehicle in Fortnite terms. The only other current vehicle is the golf cart. Why so limited? Epic Games has expressed concern over how the addition of more vehicles will affect the general flow of the game.
What happened to Dusty Depot in Season 4?
A massive nuke hit it to make way for Tilted Towers.
It was destroyed by a meteor.
Season 4 saw the epic destruction of Dusty Depot by a meteor, effectively turning it into Dusty Divot. Incidentally, all locations in the game use alliteration in their names – Loot Lake, Greasy Grove, and so on.
The Visitor crashed a rocket there.
Which limited time mode (LTM) allows players to interact with friends, practice building and work on shooting skills for a set amount of time without fear of certain game death?
50 Vs 50
High Explosives
LTM modes are only available for certain time periods, determined by Epic Games. Playground mode allows up to four friends to practice skills they apply within the game, like structure building and shooting. Players can get killed in Playground mode, but they re-spawn immediately, unlike the regular game mode.
What’s the purpose of llamas within Fortnite?
They’re a food source.
They contain resources.
Known as “loot llamas,” these piñatas spawn automatically within the game (only in three locations in Battle Royale, 100 in Playground mode) and contain 200 materials of every resource, like wood, brick and metal. They also contain explosives, potions, med kits and other helpful items.
They’re deadly – run away if you see a llama!
What's the purpose of the game's color-coding system?
It rates the player by ability level.
It labels how rare or common the various weapons are.
All of Fortnite’s many weapons are coded according to how rare they are to find in the game, and also come with a descriptive name. In order from least to most rare, they are: Gray/Common, Green/Uncommon, Blue/Rare, Purple/Epic, Gold/Legendary.
It tells a player how many opponents are left.
Which game is often described as a more grown-up version of Fortnite?
Many adult gamers steer toward PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) because it’s more realistic, darker and less random (no llama piñatas to be found anywhere in PUBG).
Call of Duty
Which of the following pop-culture relevant dances is not found in Fortnite?
“The Carlton” from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Napoleon Dynamite’s election dance
the “Dirty Dancing” boogie
Known as “dance emotes” within the game, players can opt to boogie down anytime in the battlefield or lobby. In addition to “Fresh,” which is based on “The Carlton,” gamers can choose to perform choreography like “The Worm,” “Take the L” and “Disco Fever,” based on John Travolta’s legendary “Saturday Night Fever” moves.
Who invented “The Floss”?
Katy Perry
Alfonso Ribeiro
the backpack kid
If you haven’t seen anyone floss, your eyes simply haven’t been open. The dance was created by a teenage YouTube sensation in 2016, well before Fortnite launched. Known as “the backpack kid,” he later performed the oddly hypnotic dance move during Katy Perry’s stint on Saturday Night Live. But the dance’s popularity really exploded when Fortnite included it among its dance emotes.


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