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Video Game Systems

What’s in a video game system? We'll explore the answers, highlighting games such as Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Wii, among others.

How can a PlayStation 3 donate its processing power to medical research?

Playstation 3 owners can donate their consoles' processing power to scientific research. What is this research focused on achieving? Find out the answer to that question in this article.

How the Nintendo Power Glove Worked

It seemed like the gaming accessory of the future — a glove that turned hand motions into player actions. But it turned out, the Power Glove left gamers feeling powerless over their gameplay. See more »

How Xbox One Works

The next generation of consoles promises to be more lifestyle-integrated than those that have come before. Can the Xbox One be everything you need in home entertainment? See more »

How PlayStation 4 Works

In February 2013, Sony announced the latest iteration of its PlayStation gaming console: the PS4. Will this new tech fully realize the integration of entertainment and social interaction? See more »

How the Wii U Works

Nintendo's follow up to the wildly successful Wii boasts improved graphics and an all-new controller. But can it really compete against other consoles? See more »

How Sphero Works

Does this small, white ball really represent the next generation in gaming systems? Find out what makes Sphero so much fun -- and how it's more capable than you might think. See more »

How the Microsoft Kinect SDK Works

When the Kinect for Xbox 360 emerged on the scene, it was immediately apparent to creative users that the potential of the device stretched far beyond gaming. Now, Microsoft is truly putting the power in your hands -- what will you do with it? See more »

How the Sony PS Vita Will Work

Sony is hoping to revolutionize handheld gaming with its feature-packed PS Vita, but will it beat the Nintendo 3DS in the consumer market? We examine this and other questions about How the PS Vita Will Work. See more »

You want to set up Wi-Fi for the Nintendo DS, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to set up Wi-Fi for the Nintendo DS in this article. See more »

How the Sony Xperia Play Works

Is it a phone or a handheld gaming device? It's both, but how well does it stack up against competitors? See more »

You Decide: Sony PSP or Nintendo 3DS?

Portable games have come a long way since the days of blinking red LEDs. Of the latest consoles, Sony's PSP and Nintendo's 3DS, which comes in first? See more »