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How DVDs Work

It wasn't too long ago that VHS tapes dominated the home video market, but now, DVDs have all but wiped them out. Learn how a DVD player reads a disc, see what to look for when buying a player, and read up on a little DVD history.

View the Incredible Winners of the Slow Motion Video Awards

Yes, that's a thing. And the videos are spectacular.

The World Has Finally Made Its Very Last New VCR

Many of us assumed the VHS video cassette player was already a thing of the past. Now it’s officially being laid to rest.

Are DVDs becoming obsolete?

You've been so busy watching movies and TV shows on demand or by streaming them online that you haven't given the lowly DVD a second thought. But this once-hot form of physical media isn't dead yet.

How Chromecast Works

Chromecast is a tiny TV dongle that promises to bring you streaming media controlled via your mobile device. Can it compete with the rest of the streaming media market?

How DVD Players Work

DVD players are exceptionally precise pieces of equipment. See how DVD players work, including information on DVD drives, outputs and more.

How LCD Projectors Work

So you're having a rager and thought playing movies on the side of the house would be awesome. You're going to need an LCD projector.

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