HDTV Technology

Curious about HDTV and all of the available options? Learn about HD technology, HD upconverters, plasma displays, HDMI and more.

What's a scanning backlight?

LCD HDTVs are often criticized because they have difficulty showing a true black color. This is because LCDs use scanning backlights. What do they do?

Some HDTV signals display certain types of broadcasts better than others. Learn about the difference between 780i and 1080i HDTV in this article.

The 1080p has the highest HDTV resolution available. Learn about the difference between 780p and 1080p HDTV in this article.

Blu-ray discs are becoming more and more popular. Learn about Blu-ray TV in this article.

Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between plasma and LCD? Learn about how to tell the difference between plasma and LCD in this article.

If you know how to connect a HD video source using an HDMI cable to a TiVo, you can watch all your recorded TV shows in high definition. Learn about how to connect a HD video source using an HDMI cable to a TiVo in this article.

DLP is an imaging technology used for television and projectors. Learn what a DLP TV is in this article.

Quality DLP lamps manufactured nowadays last from 6,000 to 7,000 hours. Learn how long DLP lamps last from this article.

How the Dallas Cowboys Scoreboard Works

Cowboys Stadium features the biggest high-definition television in the world. No matter where you sit, you should have a great view of the action. Fans love it, but why does it make opposing teams so angry?

10 Largest HDTV Displays

As sports franchises try to attract more fans, teams spend millions upgrading their old stadiums and building new ones. The centerpiece in most? A really, really big HDTV.

Is there a limit to how high-definition TVs can get?

The biggest changes in high-definition televisions over the past few years are related to screen size, thickness and price. Can we cram more pixels into our TV displays?