Curious about HDTV and all of the available options? Learn about HD technology, HD upconverters, plasma displays, HDMI and more.

The Ultimate HDTV Quiz

There seems to be a lot of confusion about HDTV. What resolution are you supposed to look for, and do you get LCD or plasma? Do you sign up for satellite or cable service? This quiz just might help you make some decisions.

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  • 10 Largest HDTV Displays

    10 Largest HDTV Displays

    As sports franchises try to attract more fans, teams spend millions upgrading their old stadiums and building new ones. The centerpiece in most? A really, really big HDTV. See more »

  • 5 Accessories to Get for Your HDTV

    5 Accessories to Get for Your HDTV

    Your HDTV is the centerpiece of your home entertainment system, and that's the way it should be. But what lead actor doesn't require the help of a strong supporting cast? See more »

  • 5 Things to Do Before Buying an HDTV

    5 Things to Do Before Buying an HDTV

    It may seem like fun to hop in the car, drive to your local big-box store and grab the biggest HDTV you can find. But without some preparation, you may not get what you pay for. See more »

  • Fact or Fiction: HDTV

    Fact or Fiction: HDTV

    Even if you own a high-definition television, you might not be exactly sure how it works or how to optimize your viewing experience. This quiz won't tell you what HDTV is best for you, but it might help you sort out some of the mystery. See more »

  • How Blu-ray Discs Work

    How Blu-ray Discs Work

    Say goodbye to DVD as the top-of-the-line digital storage format -- it pales in comparison to Blu-ray. New blue-laser discs feature unbelievable storage capacity. See more »

  • How Digital Television Works

    How Digital Television Works

    Digital television boasts up to 10 times the detail of regular analog TV, and DTV stations are on the air in full force. Find out all about this top-of-the-line format and the future of television. See more »

  • How DLP Sets Work

    How DLP Sets Work

    If you're looking for a big screen, you've got a lot of options. Which display technology is for you? DLP (digital light processing) sets are cheaper and have a better picture than many of the other big-screen options. See more »

  • How do I calibrate my HDTV?

    How do I calibrate my HDTV?

    You paid a lot of money for your new HDTV, so you probably want it to look its best, right? But do you have to have a professional calibrate your new set or can you do it yourself? See more »

  • How HD Upconverters Work

    How HD Upconverters Work

    If you've heard of an HD upconverter, you're way ahead of most folks. So what's this new addition? What exactly are we trying to "upconvert"? Find out what HD upconverters do and why you might want one. See more »

  • How HD-DVD Works

    How HD-DVD Works

    Learn how HD-DVDs differ from DVDs and what's happening in the struggle between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. See more »

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