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Need to research how to get optimal sound from your home audio speakers? Learn about speakers, surround sound, media chairs and more.

How Virtual Surround Sound Works

The typical home-theater setup, with its surround-sound speakers and subwoofer, doesn't work for every home. That's where virtual surround sound comes in. Explore how human hearing and some cool technology allow two speakers to sound like five.

How Weatherproof Speakers Work

 How Weatherproof Speakers Work

Weatherproof speakers are great for an outdoor space. How do weatherproof speakers resist the elements? Find out how weatherproof speakers work. See more »

 What's a voice coil on a speaker?

A voice coil is an electromagnet. Learn how a voice coil works on a speaker in this article. See more »

 What's the difference between active and passive speaker crossovers?

A speaker system uses either an active or passive crossover in order to divide the signal into different frequencies. Learn about the difference between active and passive speaker crossovers in this article. See more »

 What is a speaker tweeter?

A speaker tweeter is the driver that produces high-frequency sounds in a stereo system. Learn how speaker tweeters work in this article. See more »

 How to Understand Stereo Speaker Parts

You want to learn about your stereo, and are especially interested in knowing how to understand stereo speaker parts. This article will help you learn how to understand stereo speaker parts. See more »

 How to Connect a Stereo to a TV

Do you know how to connect a stereo to a TV? Find out how to connect a stereo to a TV in this article from HowStuffWorks. See more »

Speaker Sensitivity Explained

 Speaker Sensitivity Explained

Speaker sensitivity is a measure of the relationship between the power input and the sound output. Learn how speaker sensitivity works and how to measure it. See more »

 How to Optimize Speaker Performance

It’s one thing to buy a set of top-brand speakers, it’s another thing to know how to optimize speaker performance. This article shows you how to optimize speaker performance. See more »

 How to Stop a Subwoofer Hum

Would you like to learn how to stop your subwoofer from making a consistent low-frequent hum or buzz? Read this article to learn how to stop a subwoofer hum. See more »

 How to Set up Wireless Speakers

You have heard a lot about wireless speakers and you want to buy them, but you don't know how to set them up. This article will explain how to set up wireless speakers. See more »