How to Connect a Stereo to a TV

By: Contributors

It is not difficult to connect a good set of stereo speakers to your television and get real-life sound. The way to connect a stereo to a TV is to connect A/V audio cables to the audio out jacks on the TV and to the audio in jacks in the back of the stereo. Here are step-by-step instructions about how to connect your stereo to a TV.

  1. Make sure all the equipment is unplugged before attempting to connect the cables.
  2. Make sure you have two stereo audio cables, one red and one white.
  3. Locate your TV's Audio out jacks. You will find them on the back of the TV. The red jack is for the right channel Audio out, and the white jack is for the left channel Audio out.
  4. Connect the two cables to the two Audio out jacks you just located on the back of the TV. Make sure that you connect the red audio cable connector to the red jack and the white audio cable connector to the white jack.
  5. Connect the other end of the audio cables to the set of Audio input jacks on the back of the stereo receiver. Again, be careful to connect the red cable to the red jack and the white cable to the white jack.
  6. Switch all the equipment back on and turn on the power [source: SONY].