Cell Phone Apps

Many people now look to their phone for quick information about their location, bank account or the nearest restaurant. Explore some of the most popular cell phone apps and the best ways to use them.

Top 10 iPhone Food Apps

The iPhone is a versatile device. It can help you find your way when you're lost, connect to the Web and even make phone calls. But what are the best applications to help you fill your growling belly?

Pokemon Go Where Ingress Went

Wondering how Pokemon Go picks its locations? Niantic, the former Google company that makes the uber popular game, has had a little experience sending gamers searching.

Russian Face Recognition App FindFace Could End Public Anonymity

Identifying strangers with a smartphone app that scours social media sites and comparing photos? Are we one step closer to personally targeted ads and creepy stalking?

The App That's Creating an Earthquake Early-warning Network

A new, always-on app harnesses the power of your smartphone's motion-sensing accelerometer to crowdsource earthquake detection.

No More Notebooks: How Smartphone Apps Help Songwriters Create Music

Tech is changing how artists make music, enhancing their ability to capture, record and share. Advances in the mobile arena bring new meaning to the term "phone it in."

When 'Find My Phone' Fails

This app, which is supposed to locate your cell phone, has sent more than one person to the same wrong house. But why?

Driver's License on Your Phone? There's an App for That

Soon, the state trooper at your car window might ask you for your vehicle registration, proof of insurance — and your smartphone.

IBM Developing App to Provide Early Warning for Cravings and Mood Swings

What if you could get advance warnings before feeling depressed or craving a chocolate binge? IBM's still-in-development wearable tech Appetit could do just that..

Rumblr: The Real Value of a Fake App

This "Fight Club" app turned out to be a hoax, but could it have served a positive purpose by being real?

How Transparent Texting Works

Strolling along with your attention focused on your smartphone screen is a recipe for disaster. Well, there's an app for that.

Is it smarter to use a retailer's mobile app or their Web site to shop with them?

Mobile e-commerce is all the rage these days. So is the argument over mobile apps versus the Web. So which is the better option for online shopping on the go: a company's app, or its Web site?