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Wireless electronic technology has opened up a whole new world for consumers and businesses. Learn about everything from municipal WiFi networks to DSL.

Is Wibree going to rival Bluetooth?

Nokia announced a new short-range wireless technology, Wibree, in October 2006.

What is Android Beam?

Android Beam lets you share digital information with your pal with just a tap of your smartphone. Learn how Android Beam works. See more »

5 Ways NFC Technology Could Rock Your World

NFC technology uses small chips that can streamline almost every aspect of your daily life. See five ways that NFC technology could rock your world. See more »

What's an NFC tag?

NFC tags are smart little chips that'll allow you to snag digital information with your smartphone at short range. Get the details on NFC tags. See more »

How 4G Works

4G networks promise to deliver all the speedy data we could wish for, but do they? Learn all about how 4G works and the future of 4G. See more »

5 Ways 4G Will Change Your Life

4g wireless networks will change your life in a variety of ways. How much is just hype? See five ways 4g will change your life to find out. See more »

What's the difference between RFID and NFC?

RFID, NFC ... If these wireless technology acronyms are confusing, have no fear. Learn the difference between RFID and NFC at HowStuffWorks. See more »

What is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet aims to make purchasing electronic. Find out the technologies behind Google Wallet and what Google Wallet can do. See more »

Operating a Bluetooth could lead to other people intercepting your data or sending you viruses. Find out some security risks of having a Bluetooth from this article. See more »

PCS and digital cellular operate in a similar way, but PCS also offers additional services. Learn how PCS wireless is different than cellular service in this article. See more »

How Fixed Mobile Convergence Works

Fixed mobile convergence might be the next technology to bring you one phone that will work everywhere. See how fixed mobile convergence works. See more »