Top 5 Bluetooth Gadgets

Sony displays the company's new wireless stereo headphone 'DR-BT160AS', which enables a user to transmit digital music content from an audio player or mobile phone with Bluetooth technology. See more ­Bluetooth pictures.

­Although it may seem like a fairly new tool, Bluetooth technology has been around for quite some time. In the wake of its 10th anniversary, there are a number of useful and fun Bluetooth enabled products that demonstrate how the technology has evolved and improved over the years.

In fact, this past January, Bluetooth SIG (a trade organization that qualifies Bluetooth products) announced the Best of CES 2008 winners, which included some of the best Bluetooth products that are functional in both the home and the office. For the Bluetooth fanatic, there's an endless assortment of Bluetooth gizmos and accessories that are worthy of discussion, but for now here's a list of the top five Bluetooth gadgets of 2008.