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Home Theater Systems

Want to learn all there is know about home theater systems? See how the technology works, peruse our list of Hot Home Theaters, learn how media-center PCs work and more.

How Satellite HD Works

Satellite HD offers crisp, clear visual displays and immersive 3-D sound. How is it different from cable and satellite TV?

Top 10 Digital Home Tips

These digital home tips will help you create a home theater for your family. Learn about top 10 digital home tips at TLC Home. See more »

Home Theatre Projects

Let these home theatre projects inspire you to create a digital entertainment system in your home. Learn about home theatre projects at TLC Home. See more »

Digital Entertainment Tricks and Tips

Digital entertainment tricks and tips will help you create a home theater. Learn about digital entertainment tricks and tips at TLC Home. See more »

How FlatWire Works

FlatWire is a new technology that can help you install home theater equipment without a messy tangle of cables and wires. Learn more about FlatWire. See more »

Home Theater Pictures

Home theaters come in all shapes and sizes. Check out these Home Theater Pictures to learn more! See more »

How Switched Digital Video Works

Switched digital video is one solution to cable customers' growing demand for bandwidth. Learn about switched digital video and SDV equipment types. See more »

How Satellite HD Works

Satellite HD offers clear visual displays and 3-D sound. Learn how Satellite HD works and find out how you can get Satellite HD in your home. See more »

How LCoS Works

If you want a big screen, a flat panel or a widescreen TV, LCoS (Liquid Crystal over Silicon) may be the right option for you. Learn about the technology behind LCoS. See more »

How Holographic Versatile Discs Work

Holographic memory systems offer more storage capacity and faster transfer rates than CDs and DVDs, but they've also been too expensive and complex to mass produce. Learn how the holographic versatile disc (HVD) has improved upon previous methods of holographic storage. See more »

How Home Theater Works

Learn the basics of home theater, from sound systems to TV screens. Review popular home theater systems and read our buying guide on home theater systems. See more »