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High-tech Home Innovation Fact or Fiction Quiz

The home of the future can be yours today. But what do you really know about high-tech home innovations? Let's find out. Test your knowledge to discern fact from fiction when it comes to outfitting your house for the 21st century.

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  • All About Home Theater
    All About Home Theater

    If you're into audio and video technology, you're in for a treat. Our home theater articles are chock full of amazing graphics and easy-to-grasp explanations. We've got everything from speakers to projection television, so go ahead -- dive in! See more »

  • How FlatWire Works
    How FlatWire Works

    Home theater systems look great in ads, but where are all the wires? If you want that look in your home, you'll have to fish all the wires through the wall, or you can use FlatWire. See more »

  • How Holographic Versatile Discs Work
    How Holographic Versatile Discs Work

    Holographic memory systems offer more storage capacity and faster transfer rates than CDs and DVDs, but they've also been too expensive and complex to mass produce. Learn how HVD has improved upon previous methods. See more »

  • How Home Theater Works
    How Home Theater Works

    When you're watching a movie at home, surround sound can make all the difference. Learn about the components of a home theater and how to create a system that is right for you. See more »

  • How LCoS Works
    How LCoS Works

    If you want a big screen, a flat panel or a widescreen TV, LCoS (Liquid Crystal over Silicon) may be the right option for you. Learn about the technology behind LCoS. See more »

  • How Satellite HD Works
    How Satellite HD Works

    Satellite HD offers crisp, clear visual displays and immersive 3-D sound. How is it different from cable and satellite TV? See more »

  • How Switched Digital Video Works
    How Switched Digital Video Works

    Switched digital video is one solution to the increasing demand for bandwidth. How does it affect your video on demand, and phone and Internet connections? See more »

  • How to Go High-tech at Home
    How to Go High-tech at Home

    Wondering how to go high tech at home? Take a look at these featured articles and videos on how you can get more high tech at home. See more »

  • Digital Entertainment Quiz
    Digital Entertainment Quiz

    This digital entertainment quiz will test your knowledge of home theaters. Test yourself with the digital entertainment quiz. See more »

  • Digital Entertainment Tricks and Tips
    Digital Entertainment Tricks and Tips

    Digital entertainment tricks and tips will help you create a home theater. Learn about digital entertainment tricks and tips at HowStuffWorks. See more »

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