How Holographic Versatile Discs Work

Holographic versatile disc
Holographic versatile disc
Photo courtesy Optware

Holographic memory systems have been around for decades. They offer far more storage capacity than CDs and DVDs -- even "next-generation" DVDs like Blu-ray -- and their transfer rates leave conventional discs in the dust. So why haven't we all been using holographic memory for years now?

There are several hurdles that have been holding holographic storage back from the realm of mass consumption, including price and complexity. Until now, the systems have required a cost-prohibitive level of precision in manufacturing. But recent changes have made the holographic versatile disc (HVD) developed by Optware a viable option for consumers.

In this article, we'll find out how the HVD works, how it has improved upon previous methods of holographic storage and how it stacks up to Blu-ray and HD-DVD.