Camera Basics

Before you point and shoot, there are a few things to know. Explore camera basics and zoom in on the fundamentals of photography, such as how cameras and camcorders work.

Captivating Images From Above Offer New Perspectives on Familiar Wildlife

Surprising, astonishing and beautiful overhead wildlife images present a new way to look at the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Kodak Is Bringing Back Film, and It’s Super

The 8 mm format is making a comeback, thanks to Kodak.

How Thermal Imaging Works

Thermographic cameras detect infrared light (or heat) invisible to the human eye. How can the camera's sensors register temperature at a distance, and how can the tech be used?

How Night-vision Cameras Work

It's all sunshine and smiles when you're snapping away in the daylight. Could a night-vision camera help you unearth a darker and different side of photography?

Inside a Camcorder

Your baby’s first steps, high school graduation or the family reunion are some events we wish we could relive. With the help of a video camera all of these memorable events can last a lifetime. Take a look inside one to see how it works.

You can scan films on your computer, but you'd like to learn how to understand what film scan resolution means. This article will help you learn how to understand film scan resolution.

If you know how to upload videos from your camcorder, you'll be able to send videos of your favorite events and special moments to the people who matter. Learn about how to upload videos from a camcorder in this article.

SD memory cards come with different technology and memory capacities. Learn whether you can use any SD card in your camcorder in this article.

Cool Camera Stuff Pictures

Cameras are everywhere -- in phones and cars, on buildings and street corners, and even in outer space. Check out the technology, gadgets and imagery that are all part of the bigger camera picture.

How has burst photography changed the way we perceive action?

Did you know some cameras can shoot up to 60 still frames per second or movies at 1,200 frames per second? Burst photography captures a rapid sequence of images within a very short time frame.