Before you point and shoot, there are a few things to know. Explore camera basics and zoom in on the fundamentals of photography, such as how cameras and camcorders work.

How Photographic Film Works

Photographic film has been around for more than a century, and it's still the best way to capture an image. Discover what's going on when you take a picture.

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  • Do police cameras reduce crime?

    Do police cameras reduce crime?

    Ever spotted a police camera peering at you on the street? Many question how effective these cameras really are. Find out how much money is spent on these mechanical eyes. See more »

  • Gadget Savvy: Cameras Quiz

    Gadget Savvy: Cameras Quiz

    Photography began as a curiosity but has evolved into one of the world's most popular hobbies. Find out how much you know about cameras by taking our quiz. See more »

  • How Autofocus Cameras Work

    How Autofocus Cameras Work

    You didn't really need to miss that amazing zebra shot during your African safari. Here's a nifty gadget that would have helped – an autofocusing camera. In this article, we’ll explain how the two types of autofocus features work, plus we’ll give you tips on how to use them.  See more »

  • How Camcorders Work

    How Camcorders Work

    If you're looking to get famous on YouTube or delight your friends with hours of your vacation footage, there's no time like the present. Camcorders have gotten small enough to fit in a pocket. Find out how they work. See more »

  • How Camera Flashes Work

    How Camera Flashes Work

    A camera flash seems like a pretty basic device, but there's actually some interesting circuitry at work. Find out how a flash charges up and see exactly what happens the instant it goes off. See more »

  • How Cameras Work

    How Cameras Work

    Digital may be taking over, but optical started it all. A camera is an incredible piece of technology that essentially records light. Take a look inside a single lens reflex camera. See more »

  • How do instant cameras work?

    How do instant cameras work?

    Instant cameras depend on the same process of photographic development as regular film cameras. How does such a small device encompass the developing process? See more »

  • How does a pinhole camera work?

    How does a pinhole camera work?

    I have seen things called "pinhole cameras," and I have even seen pictures taken by them. How do they work? Why don't they need a lens to focus the image? See more »

  • How has burst photography changed the way we perceive action?

    How has burst photography changed the way we perceive action?

    Did you know some cameras can shoot up to 60 still frames per second or movies at 1,200 frames per second? Burst photography captures a rapid sequence of images within a very short time frame. See more »

  • How High-speed Photography Works

    How High-speed Photography Works

    Most people enjoy capturing memories on film: birthdays, anniversaries or perhaps a trip to the beach. But how can someone take a picture of a speeding bullet? How do they freeze a hummingbird's wings in mid-flight? See more »

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