Cell Phone Apps

Many people now look to their phone for quick information about their location, bank account or the nearest restaurant. Explore some of the most popular cell phone apps and the best ways to use them.

While we'd never advocate using your cell phone in the theater, we do love a bunch of apps geared at movie maniacs. Here are 10.

A fashionista always looks her (or his) best at every occasion. But for the times when you just can't make it to the mall for the latest looks, check out these 10 mobile apps that allow you to shop anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the digital age, people who love the written word have more options than ever. Which apps should book lovers download to get their literary fix?

The Google mobile phone app was designed to make life just a little bit easier, and its functionality doesn't disappoint.

Not all mobile weather apps are created equal. Whether you're a curious onlooker or a thrill-seeking storm enthusiast, there's a mobile weather app option for you.

No matter which device you have, Facebook's likely got you covered. Find out how to get (and how to get the most out of) the Facebook mobile app.

A great way to watch flicks on the fly, the Netflix mobile app has all of the features you'd find on its Web site. Are there any drawbacks?

In this day and age of all things digital, it's more important than ever to protect yourself. These mobile anti-virus apps can help do just that.

When dating and the latest in mobile technology are combined, the result is a whole new way to meet people -- right in the palm of your hand. Here are five mobile dating apps to help you in quest for love and lust.

There are thousands upon thousands of apps out there -- some even claim to help you organize your life. But is finding one that works just another chore to add to your to-do list?

Gone are the days of reading restaurant reviews in the newspaper -- even going online is old-hat. Now you can download a cool restaurant app to help you make a selection. We feature five that foodies love.

It seems that smartphones are capable of just about anything these days. But is it possible to use them to turn on our televisions or lower the volume on our stereos?

Remember when phones just made phone calls? Now, thanks to some clever apps, they can also make our lives a lot easier by increasing our productivity and organization skills.

When we launched our iPhone app in late 2010, Android fans came out in droves to ask for one of their own. Being able to say "It's here!" is just one reason we're excited our Android app is launching.

In late 2010, HowStuffWorks released an iPhone app into the wild -- and immediately heard from Android users that they'd like to have one, too. With an Android app launching, which one is right for you?

Time management is considered to be both a science and art. But can a few simple iPhone time management apps really help you make better use of your time?

As the iPhone and its apps have grown in popularity, so has the use of educational apps for children. What are some options for free apps that parents can use to let their kids learn and play at the same time?

The iPhone is a versatile device. It can help you find your way when you're lost, connect to the Web and even make phone calls. But what are the best applications to help you fill your growling belly?

There are thousands of apps for the iPhone, and they let you do everything from play games to keep up with stock prices. Some of them are real head-scratchers, though. Do you use any of these weird apps?

Apple has sold more than 1 billion applications through its App Store. Many of them are useful, but some of them are strange -- or even offensive.

It wasn't so long ago that Apple sold its one billionth iPhone application. What are some of the best applications that run on Apple's smartphone?

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