Halo 3 Overview

Halo 3 Vehicles

The Warthog and Mongoose ATV in a multiplayer battle.
Photo courtesy Xbox

Another popular element in the Halo series is the variety of vehicles players get to pilot. Both the Covenant and the humans have a selection of vehicles at their disposal, each suited for a wide range of situations. All of the vehicles from the previous Halo titles return, and some of them received major improvements.

  • Warthog - The Warthog is back, and this time it comes in two different configurations. There's the standard turret-mounted model fans have grown to love, and new to the series is the troop transport model. The troop transport version doesn't have any weaponry, but it's capable of carrying up to four armed passengers and a driver.
  • Mongoose - This vehicle, as mentioned in our Halo 3 Wish List, was supposed to appear in Halo 2. The Mongoose is a quick all-terrain vehicle that can carry two people. The rear passenger provides the firepower for this ATV, which is perfectly suited for team-based, multiplayer matches.
  • Elephant - The Elephant is, by far, the largest vehicle you can drive in the game. It's a troop transport vehicle that's capable of carrying up to 12 passengers and one Mongoose. It's available only for multiplayer matches.
  • Hornet - The Hornet aircraft is similar to a helicopter. It's capable of holding two passengers and a pilot. The Hornet also features machine guns and rockets, which is handy when taking out enemy vehicles.
  • Prowler - The Prowler is a Covenant vehicle that's similar to the Warthog. It holds a driver and two passengers and features a mounted plasma cannon. The Prowler is fast, but not nearly as maneuverable as a Warthog.
  • Chopper - Think of a heavily armored motorcycle, and you can get a pretty good idea of what the Chopper is all about. It holds one driver and features powerful machine guns mounted on the front. The Chopper is also fitted with blades that are capable of cutting down anything in its path, making it ideal at taking out vehicles.

We'll take a look at the multiplayer aspect of Halo 3 in the next section.