Halo Networking: An Interview with Chris Butcher

Chris Butcher is one of four engineering leads at Bungie Studios who were responsible for overseeing the creation of the smash hit "Halo 2." If you've read our article on the A.I. of Halo 2 then you already know that Chris is a really smart dude. When I visited Bungie on November 3rd I actually had a chance to sit down with Chris twice.

One of the largest differences between "Halo 2" and the original "Halo" is that "Halo 2" can be played over Xbox Live. In order to pull that off, Bungie had to create a new way to network Halo multiplayer matches over the Internet. This responsibility fell largely on Chris' shoulders. In my second interview we discussed networking "Halo 2."


Bungie is taking "Halo 2" multiplayer to the world.
Photo courtesy of Bungie.net

Now rather than put this article in the traditional Q&A form that you're used to seeing, I'm just going to let you read what Chris had to say. Because the truth is I only asked Chris one question:

"So, what had to be done to put 'Halo 2' on Live?"

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