Halo 3 Overview

Halo 3 Weapons

Turrets can give you a powerful edge in multiplayer battles.
Photo courtesy Xbox

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Halo 3 is its wide selection of weapons. Along with favorites from the previous games, such as the shotgun, assault rifle and sniper rifle, Halo 3 features a nice assortment of new weapons. The new human weapons add a nice balance to the arsenal:

  • Assault Rifle - The assault rifle, making its return after its absence in Halo 2, is the default weapon in the game. Its great range and decent-sized clip makes it handy for almost any situation.
  • Spartan Laser - The Spartan laser is a powerful energy weapon that fires a red beam capable of destroying anything with one well-aimed shot. Timing is critical with this weapon because of the long time it takes to charge before each shot. If you are on target though, the wait is well worth it.
  • M7057/DP - This weapon is the long-awaited flamethrower that fans were looking for in Halo 2. It shoots a stream of liquid fuel that sticks to objects. Unfortunately, it's heavy so it slows you down, and each burst only lasts a few seconds.
  • Turrets - Halo 3 also features a selection of rapid-fire turrets that can be detached and carried like the other weapons. When detached, the weight slows your movement down, and the turrets have a limited ammo supply.

Some of the Covenant weapons have undergone a facelift, and the new weapons add an interesting twist to multiplayer battles:


  • The Needler has changed the most from the version in Halo 2. You can no longer dual-wield this gun, but it packs a bigger punch in Halo 3. It also has a high firing rate, which makes the Needler great in heavy battles.
  • The Gravity Hammer is, perhaps, the most fun to use. It's a melee weapon that's capable of killing the most enemies with one well-placed strike. This weapon is ideal for dominating opponents in multiplayer matches.
  • The Spiker is similar to the Needler in that it fires superheated spikes, which stick in an enemy. This weapon is capable of penetrating most armor and also features a bayonet that can deliver a powerful melee attack. You can dual-wield the Spiker as well, giving you a big advantage over opponents.
The Spiker is a new weapon that can be dual-wielded.
Photo courtesy Xbox
  • The Mauler is a close-range weapon that's similar to a sawed-off shotgun. The mauler can be dual-wielded and is best used on small maps where the action takes place in close quarters.
  • The Firebomb is a grenade that can set anything within range ablaze.
  • The Spike Grenade can stick to enemies and walls, which adds an interesting element to multiplayer matches.

We'll take a look at some of the new vehicles Halo 3 has to offer in the next section.