10 Great Gadget Gifts for Men


PS3 Bundle

When someone sees the shiny, black PlayStation 3 in your living room, they might ask, "What does it do?" A better question might be, "What doesn't it do?"

The current PS3 doesn't just play video games. It plays Blu-Ray and DVD films, has built-in WiFi, includes a powerful hard drive, streams movies from Netflix in HD, has its own Web browser, and includes the online gaming service called the PlayStation Network [source: CNET].

Right in time for the holidays, there are a variety of new bundles available that package the PS3 with several games or accessories. The PlayStation Move Bundle includes a special controller and camera that tracks your movements in 3-D space and lets you use your body to become part of the game.

Plus, it's great time to invest in a PS3 console with several hot new games that arrived in time for the holiday season, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Arkham City.

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