Dean Karnazes puts the MOTOACTV through its paces by wearing it during a marathon.
Dean Karnazes puts the MOTOACTV through its paces by wearing it during a marathon.

Being an active geek is a challenge. It's not that we're necessarily sedentary creatures. It's that we techno geeks really like to have a lot of options at our fingertips whenever we do anything. Whether we're firing up one of our video-game consoles or going for a 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) run, we want every option available.

But carrying the gear that gives us those options gets cumbersome. Smartphones, pedometers, watches, MP3 players and more can weigh us down until it looks like Robocop is training for a half marathon. Recently, several companies have waded into the fitness market with some high-tech gear designed to streamline your workout routines while giving you the information you need to fine tune your activities. Motorola is one of those companies and its product is called MOTOACTV.

At first glance, the MOTOACTV looks like an oversized digital watch -- you can even wear it on a wrist strap as a watch if you like. It's 46 millimeters square -- that's about 1.8 inches to a side. It's just 9.6 millimeters thick, which is less than half an inch. And this watch is a bit more sophisticated than your average timepiece. It's also an MP3 player, a GPS device, a Bluetooth gadget and an activity tracker.

The MOTOACTV contains sensors that help it determine the intensity and effectiveness of your workouts. It can also pair with heart-rate monitors, bicycle computers and other sensors to give you more information about how your body responds to activities. And an online component gathers data, processes it and presents you with the information in a way that's easy to understand.