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A good photo is part art, part science. Whether you like to manually focus and carry a slew of lenses in a Tamarac bag or go digital and let a high-tech camera do the work for you.

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5 Tips for Still Life Photography

Sure, action shots make great photos. But some of the best pictures are of common, everyday items -- this is the case for still life photography.

5 Urban Photography Tips

When it comes to photography, some prefer landscapes while others admire classic portraits. But urban photography -- aka street photography -- has been around since the earliest days of the camera, too.

Are online photography courses worth it?

Maybe you've seen ads for online photography courses and considered signing up. But will you learn something about photography on a computer, or is it better to go to an actual classroom?

5 Family Portrait Photography Tips

If you want to take a truly unforgettable family portrait, you're gonna have to forget the rules of photography and get creative. Here are five tips designed to help you capture a family portrait you'll proudly hang for years to come.

How to Capture Rain in Photography

When the thunder rolls, most people go running for cover. But if you're more adventurous, falling rain could mean the opportunity to capture some really interesting photographs -- if you know what you're doing.

How to Capture Winter Scenes in Photography

Snowscapes are appealing due to certain qualities of light and texture -- traits that make it a daunting subject for shutterbugs. Learn to conquer snow's challenges and even turn them to your advantage.

How to Do Raindrop Photography

A raindrop falling off a leaf may not seem very remarkable, but when viewed up close, it's a complicated dance between the leaf, water and air. Raindrop photography shows us what we've been missing.

How to Do Sepia Photography

Do you want to make a new photo look as though it was taken in the early 1900s? All it takes is a special chemical soak in the darkroom or a few clicks of the mouse on the computer.

How to Get Great Contrast in Photography

When you look at a photograph, consider all of the visual elements that make it so striking: light versus dark, red against blue, black on white. How do we make these things that seem to clash work so harmoniously on paper?

How to Shoot Good Photos at Night

This hypnotic, psychedelic swirl of lights is a star trail image, and it's just one example of the amazing effects captured by night photography. How hard is it to take night photos, and what's astrophotography?

How to Shoot Silhouette Photography

Silhouette photographs may be lacking some of the details of regular shots, but their striking contrasts and clever compositions will wow even the most jaded eyeballs. What does it take to become a successful silhouette shooter?

How to Start a Photography Club

You've finally learned how to use your new camera, and there's no shortage of subjects your lenses haven't captured. But you want to share them -- and not just online. Starting a photography club is a great way to interact with other shutterbugs.

How to Start Your Own Photography Business

Many people find photography to be a fun and fulfilling hobby, so it only makes sense that some try to make a career out of it. What would it take to start a business?

Photography Supplies You Can't Live Without

Photography is an art form, but it's also a technical process, which means you can't do it properly without supplies. Which supplies do photographers -- digital and film alike -- need to stock up on before they can start shooting great photos?

Spend Time Together: Couples Photography

Having some professional pictures taken of you and your spouse or loved one is a great way to spend time together. But how do you come up with great shots that don't look forced or clichéd? We've got some great tips.

What's the vital photography equipment for beginners?

So, you've decided to take up photography and are probably wondering what equipment you need to buy now and what can wait for later. We'll help you sort it all out.

What photography software do amateurs need?

With so many software options out there for editing photos, it can be difficult for an amateur to decide what to get. We've covered the most important ones here, many of which are free!

Where can you find photography backgrounds and props?

Compelling pictures are accented by interesting backgrounds and tools that allow the subjects to express themselves. You just need to know how to track down those items.

How Aperture Works

In consumer optical devices like cameras and telescopes, aperture is an incredibly important concept. But what is it, exactly? Read on to learn more about aperture and its influence on photography and astronomy.

How Shutter Speed Works

When you press the button on your camera and hear that distinctive click, you’re really hearing the sound of the camera’s shutter opening and closing in a fraction of a second. That time -- that is, your camera's shutter speed -- can dramatically alter photo quality.

How to Know What F-Stop to Use

All these numbers and letters might seem confusing at first, but using your camera's f-stops is really quite simple once you understand some basic principles. Find out how fiddling with f-stops can enhance your photos.

What is ISO speed?

ISO speed is one of three things that determine the quality of your photos. How can you control ISO speed to get the best shots possible? Learn all about it here.

How UV Filters for Cameras Work

It's a shock when a photo image looks completely different from the image you've retained in your mind. Did you know that UV radiation is partially to blame?

How important is film speed?

The best photographers feel a need -- a need for ideal film speed. But what is film speed and why does it matter?

How to Take Better Pictures on Your Phone

Just because your phone has a camera doesn't mean it takes high quality photos. What can you do to click better shots with your cell?