How Dock-N-Talk Works

Courtesy Phone Labs

Plenty of people have already cut the cord on their land line telephones. Some people, on the other hand, can't seem to let go for several reasons. For those talkers who engage in hour-long conversations, a tiny cellular phone can be a pain to deal with, especially when using the phone for a home-based business. Even those who can't give up their land lines know the frustration of racing to find a ringing cell phone before the call goes to voicemail. Some people just want to save a little cash on their phone service by getting rid of their land lines.

Phone Labs' Dock-N-Talk could be the solution to all of these problems. It's a cell phone docking station that turns all of a home's phones into extensions of your cell phone number. It uses a normal phone cord plugged into your home phone or phone jack. You can use it as a second phone line or a way to use your cell phone as your primary phone line. The device can be used exclusively with a cell phone line or in conjunction with land line phone service. The Dock-N-Talk can work with most cell phone models and has Bluetooth capabilities as well. The Dock-N-Talk should also work if you decide to up­grade your cell phone after you've installed it.

­Sounds great, but is going landline-less worth it? What does the rest of the household do if you're out of the house and have your cell phone with you? What if you have horrible cell phone reception in your apartment? In this article, we'll explore what a Dock-N-Talk is, the pros and cons of having one, and how it works.