Radio Broadcasting

These days, many people think of "radio" as that thing attached to their clock or what they listen to in their cars. But radio transmission is a science. Learn more about this technology, from Ham Radio to Sirius and XM.


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How Walkie-talkies Work

From the playground to the war front, walkie-talkies play a significant role in keeping humans in contact with one another. How have two-way radios managed to stay relevant in an age of smartphones?

How to Build a Radio

Building a radio is easier than you think. Read on and learn how to build your own radio.

History of Radio Pictures

You can’t see radio waves, but you can check out relevant telegraphs, vacuum tubes and early radio models in this gallery.

Could a wireless radio network save a miner's life?

A good communication network could help mine workers notify one another of unsafe conditions, but radio waves don't like to travel through rock. So what do you do?

Why do all FM radio stations end in an odd number?

The band that radio stations use is completely arbitrary. Learn how that relates to the specific frequency that FM stations use, and why all the FM radio stations in the United States end in an odd number?

How FCC Auctions Work

FCC auctions are a big deal in the communications industry. Learn more about how FCC auctions work in this article.

How HD Radio Works

A new radio format is set to add features to your radio listening experience: HD Radio. Learn how it works.

How Satellite Radio Works

Can you listen to your music as you drive cross country without searching for radio stations or fiddling with your MP3 player? Satellite radio subscribers can.

How Internet Radio Works

A college student in Wisconsin hears a dj in Jamaica play the latest calypso tune. An advocacy group unites members across the country via a private broadcast. It's made possible by Internet radio, the latest innovation in radio broadcasting since the business began in the early 1920s.

Is there an easy way to record a radio show so I can listen to it later?

Did you know you can record radio programs with a VCR? Next time, don't miss out on your favorite program!

How Radio Works

Radio is the fundamental technology behind TV, cordless phones, cell phones and microwave ovens, for a start. Just about anywhere you go, radio wave transmissions are passing above you, around you, and even through you!

How does a CB radio antenna work?

How does a CB radio antenna work? Why does it have to be tuned? How do you tune it properly?

How is my radio able to display the stations call letters?

If you have a car radio that shows FM station call signs on the display panel, then you have the Radio Data System feature. Find out how they work!

What is low-power FM LPFM?

In January 2000, the FCC adopted rules creating a new, low-power, non-commercial FM radio (LPFM) service. Learn how a school or individual can start one of these radio stations.

Do certain radio wave frequencies (like those used by cell phones) pose health risks?

Do certain radio wave frequencies pose health risks? If so, is it safe to live within a quarter mile of a cellular phone tower or a radio antenna?

How does an EPIRB distress radio work?

EPIRB is meant to help rescuers locate you in an emergency situation, and these radios have saved many lives since their creation in the 1970s. Find out who they've helped the most.

Why do you hear some radio stations better at night than in the day?

Have you ever noticed a difference in the quality of radio signals depending on the time of day? Why do you hear some radio stations better at night than in the day?

How Radio Scanners Work

The air around you is bursting with radio waves -- and you can tap into them with minimal effort. With a simple radio scanner, all sorts of transmissions are within your earshot. Find out how radio scanners let you listen in on everything from police to astronaut transmissions.

How the Radio Spectrum Works

AM radio, FM radio, CB radio, short wave radio, VHF, UHF -- what's it all mean? These are all different chunks of the radio spectrum. Find out all about the thousands of different uses for radio waves.

How Ham Radio Works

Ham radio lets people talk across the globe, wirelessly and inexpensively. It's a subculture in its own right. See what amateur radio is all about and how you can become an operator.