Electronic MP3 Players

MP3 players come in many different brands and with many different options, but all have a common purpose: Personal audio enjoyment. Learn more about top MP3 players, how they work and how online music technology works with them.

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The humble MP3 contributed to the birth of the iPod and made widespread music piracy possible. Now it's taking a bow.

By Jonathan Strickland

If you buy a new computer, you can download iTunes and transfer all your music downloads. Learn how to transfer iTunes to a new computer in this article.

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You can use iTunes without an iPod and an iPod without iTunes. Learn whether you have to use iTunes with an iPod in this article.

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After many years of lawsuits and haggling, Apple and Apple Corps finally resolved their differences, and on Nov. 16, 2010, The Beatles finally made their iTunes debut. What took them so long?

By Stephanie Crawford

Tired of the battery in your MP3 player running down? Perhaps you could look at alternatives. Can you really use a methanol fuel cell to power an MP3 player?

By John Fuller

The current versions of the iPod line were announced in 2010, but iPods have changed a lot through the years. Learn about the different features of iPods and see how the new versions compare with the older models.

MP3 players are everywhere -- and for good reason. These portable devices are a convenient way to store and listen to music and to view photos and videos. In some cases, they're even crossed with other devices, like cell phones. Learn the latest on MP3 players.

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We can transform musical sounds into numbers and record them digitally, although the files can be very large and take over your storage space. That's where the MP3 format comes in. Learn what MP3 files are and how they work.