5 Tech Gadgets for Women


Eye-catching E-readers

Women around the world gravitate toward e-readers.
Women around the world gravitate toward e-readers.
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Since women are more avid book buyers than men, perhaps it isn't surprising that e-readers are the top breakout gadgets for word-loving ladies [source: Weiner]. Nielsen data from August 2011 demonstrates a distinct gender divide among tablet-style gadgets, with women preferring to tote along their light, easy-on-the-eyes Amazon Kindles, Barnes & Noble Nooks and similar devices, while men tend to opt for the broader functionality of tablet computers like the iPad [source: Horn]. In fact, e-reader popularity has grown among women, who now make up about 61 percent of the market, a marked increase from 46 percent in 2010 [source: source: Horn]. Meanwhile, romance novels -- a female-targeted genre that has long comprised the best-selling fiction category in bookstores -- now dominate the best-seller lists in e-reader markets as well [source: Ogas].

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