5 Tech Gadgets for Women


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Apple may be women's favorite tech brand.
Apple may be women's favorite tech brand.
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In 2009, Forbes described Apple as "the world's most discretely feminine brand," fawning over its sleek, curvaceous designs and straightforward user experience. That unofficial honorific was bestowed around the same time results from a Women & Digital Life survey revealed Apple as the most-admired tech brand among females [source: SRG].

With its iPods, Macbooks and iPhones, the brand has clearly become the apple of female consumers' eyes. For instance, in the smartphone wars, Apple has emerged the victor among women, with a third of the market strongly preferring iPhones, compared to the 22.8 percent who have Androids [source: Marsal]. Although the announcement of the iPad made some women think more about their medicine cabinets than mobile computing, the demographic quickly forgave the awkward word association the product's name invoked [source: Miller]. Despite tough competition from the range of gadgets that take the top spot on in this list, women constituted about 34 percent of the iPad early adopters, according to 2010 user analysis by Yahoo! [source: Saint].