5 Tech Gadgets for Women


Intelligent Wake-up Calls

Early to bed, not-so-easy to rise.
Early to bed, not-so-easy to rise.
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

A 2011 study from Harvard Medical School found that women rouse earlier than men due to shorter sleep cycles [source: Walsh]. However, that doesn't mean all women are innately endowed with the willpower to instantly hop out of bed. Hail the super-human woman who's able to shun the predawn electronic din of alarm clocks and wake naturally with the rising sun. For the rest of us mere mortals, modern technology can help ensure that we exit our beds on schedule. Enter Sleeptracker: the nighttime wristwatch that monitors circadian rhythms for you. That can be a particular boon for women, since once the watch detects early morning movements, indicating that deep sleep is over, it sounds the alarm [source: Beland].

Women who require more motivation to scurry out from under the covers might prefer to make friends with Clocky. The space-age alarm clock on wheels will roll away and hide if someone tries to hit snooze [source: Marie Claire]. Afterward, a groggy game of hide-and-seek will be the only way to silence the device.