Tech for Kids

What are the best gadgets for kids? Read up on kid-friendly technology and get tips on using technology for education, safety and fun.

The cell phone decision is one that a lot parents are dealing with earlier than they expected, and it's a tough one. When does a child actually need a cell phone?

Point, shoot and smash? Encouraging your child's inner photog doesn't mean you have to give up your own camera -- or watch it get destroyed.

It's after midnight. Do you know where your teenager is? If you were tracking them via GPS you would.

Tablets are an excellent learning tool for inquisitive young minds. Apps are available offering everything from e-books to math games. See these top learning tablets for kids to give them an educational head start.

Yes, your kids play a lot of video games. But just because they're sitting in front of the computer doesn't mean they can't learn something.

Buying technology for your family doesn't mean you have to choose between buying a computer and putting food on the table. There are affordable ways to get what you want.

Technology advances happen at a fast pace, and if your child doesn't keep up, it could really hurt him or her in the long run.

Many parents keep the iPad out of the kids' reach, for fear they'll get hooked and never play outside again. But some apps are actually great learning tools. Which are best?

Is your child hogging your iPad? Then maybe you should buy her one of these five kid-friendly tablet computers.

The decision to read your child's text messages is a personal one, but there are some valid reasons for why you may want to check them out.

Technology in schools is nothing new, but the iPad may be changing the way kids learn. And that could be a very good thing.

Got a creative kid at home? For artistic kids, the perfect gift can be one that uses technology to enhance a creative pursuit like drawing, movie-making or music composition.

The Internet puts endless reference materials at students' fingertips, creating teachable moments and interactive lesson plans. But does it also open the classroom to new distractions?

Searching for some video games that won't rot your kids' brains? Here are 10 that are fun and will also teach them a thing or two!

It seems kids everywhere have cell phones these days, but not all phones are created equal. If your child is begging you for a phone, customize what he or she needs so you don't overspend.

So little Johnny thinks he should have his own laptop computer? Before you LOL, we'll give you a few reasons why he might just be right.