Tech's Effects on the Family

Are smartphones, tablets and video games driving your family apart? Find out how technology effects the family and how to use technology to bring your family closer together.


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Seniors May Be As Hooked to Smartphones As Their Grandkids

Although many think of 'smartphone addiction' as a young person's problem, seniors can get in trouble too. Just for different reasons.

Slow-Motion Video Makes People Look More Guilty, Study Shows

Video footage of crimes is getting more common. And a new study shows video speed has a bigger impact on judgment (and criminals' punishments) than we've given it credit.

Ridiculous History: SHOUTY CAPS Are a Much Older Invention Than You Think

We all know we’re being yelled at when we get a text using all capital letters in an email. Did that start with the invention of the internet? Or is it something older?

The Transforming Gun Meant to Resemble a Smartphone

A Minnesota entrepreneur is planning to manufacture and market what might be the ultimate in concealed weapons — a small pistol designed to look like a cellphone.

Is your children's computer time affecting their sleep patterns?

Are your kids having trouble falling asleep? It might be time to take the computer, the iPad and the cell phone from the bedroom.

How is technology helping two-household families?

What with scheduling visitations and trying to keep in contact, divorced families face their own special challenges. Fortunately, technology is helping in some unique ways.

5 Ways Technology Has Negatively Affected Families

Between texting, e-mailing, TV, talking on the cell phone and playing video games, does anyone have time to be a family anymore?

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Off Their Cell Phones

We know; it seems impossible to have a moment alone with your child without their cell phone ringing, buzzing or playing the latest annoying jingle. But there are ways to keep your kids off their cell phones. You just have to know what to do.

What life skills can video games teach kids?

Everyone's a winner who recognizes video games as more than a hobby; some of them even teach kids valuable life skills, too.

Is technology behind the rise in childhood obesity?

There's no question obesity has become a major health threat in the United States, but could technology be a root cause of this widespread problem? Find out why the connection is more complicated than you'd think.

What technologies are helping families build new bonds?

While much has been said about technology driving families apart, there are some ways that it can actually bring a family closer together.

Bad Tech Behavior: What You're Teaching Your Kids

As with everything else, your children will look to you to learn the rules. If they see you engaging in bad tech behavior, they'll be sure to follow.

Is the Internet making children less polite?

As more children are using the Internet more often, many are losing social skills that will help them in the real world. Does this include manners?

5 Ways Technology Is Helping Us Preserve Family Memories

Family photos have come a long way from the stoic, dressy images of yore. And we have technology to thank for that.

How is technology helping military families?

Members of the military used to rely on pen and paper to stay connected to their loved ones, but not anymore. Technology has come a long way!

5 Ways Technology Has Improved Family Communications

A lot has been said about technology coming in between families, but there are a lot of positives, too. It could even bring you closer together.