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Tech for Kids

What are the best gadgets for kids? Read up on kid-friendly technology and get tips on using technology for education, safety and fun.

How to Choose a Kid-friendly Laptop Computer

So little Johnny thinks he should have his own laptop computer? Before you LOL, we'll give you a few reasons why he might just be right.

Cell Phones for Kids: When is the right time?

When is it the right time to get a cell phone for your kid? Do they actually need one? Learn about the right time for kids cell phones. See more »

5 Durable Digital Cameras for Kids

There are some great digital cameras for kids that can hold up to lots of wear and tear. See five durable digital cameras for kids to learn more. See more »

5 Times to Use a GPS Tracker for Kids

Using a GPS tracker for kids can help you find a night owl teenager or not lose a younger child in a crowd. See five times to use a GPS tracker for kids. See more »

5 Great Learning Tablets for Kids

Learning tablets for kids are excellent learning tools for young minds. See these top five learning tablets for kids to give them a head start. See more »

5 Great Educational Computer Games for Kids

Educational computer games for kids can be both fun and mentally engaging. Here are five great educational computer games for kids to get ideas. See more »

Affordable Technology for Families on a Tight Budget

Affordable technology is available for families on a tight budget. See how to get what you want with affordable technology for families on a budget. See more »

How important is technology in education?

Technology in education is becoming more common -- if your child doesn't keep up, will it hurt him or her? Learn how important is technology in education. See more »

5 Positive iPad Apps for Kids

There are a variety of iPad apps for kids, some that are great learning tools. See these five positive iPad apps for kids to learn more. See more »

5 Great Tablet Computers for Kids

Tablet computers for kids are more kid-friendly than average. See these five great tablet computers for kids for ideas and shopping tips. See more »

Should parents read their kids' text messages?

The decision to read your child's text messages is a personal one. Find out if parents should read their kids' text messages. See more »