How Gizmondo Works

The Gizmondo is a handheld gaming console -- but it's also an MP3 player, a camera, a movie player, and a GPS reciever. See more video game system pictures.
Photo courtesy Gizmondo

Gizmondo is part of the next wave of portable gaming devices -- the handheld electronic equivalent of a Swiss Army knife that does far more than simply play games. Gizmondo's designers included a GPS system, a camera, and the ability to play MP3s and movies. Add text messaging capability and Bluetooth support, and you've got something that could change the way people look at portable gaming.

In this article, we'll learn what the Gizmondo can do, find out how it stacks up against other portable gaming devices on the market, and learn about the sometimes troubled company that makes the Gizmondo. We'll also get a sneak peek at the Gizmondos that have already been released in Europe. ­