10 Gadgets That Really Should Be Obsolete By Now

Paging, Paging ... Your Old Technology
There’s a reason Liz Lemon’s lame boyfriend Dennis was still into pagers. Unless you have a very specific need for one, you’re really just telling the world you’re living in the past. © Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

There was a time when a belt-clip pager was the equivalent of a Rolex. You were somebody who always had to be connected. You were a doctor or a lawyer (or, less impressively, a drug dealer.) In any case, a pager implied importance. Nowadays, they probably just mean you're out of touch.

And yet, just a couple of years ago, Americans were buying millions of dollars worth of pagers [source: Piltch]. And in some limited situations, pagers might work a bit more reliably than phone systems or Internet access.

That's especially true in health care settings. Smartphone batteries need recharging. Pagers just need new alkalines. Cell reception may be spotty in some facilities where pagers may work more reliably.

Those traits aren't enough to save pagers. Like everyone else, doctors prefer their multifunction smartphones and they don't want to carry multiple gadgets. Soon, pagers will fall by the wayside, forgotten and irrelevant, like a dope dealer convicted of multiple felonies.