10 Gadgets That Really Should Be Obsolete By Now

Oh, sure, they’re shiny and mesmerizing to behold, but they’re really not the best way to access data anymore. © K_attapon/iStock/Thinkstock

The ever-present optical disc, whether it stores music, movies or computer software, like a reanimated corpse from our worst nightmares ... refuses to die. Sure, optical discs can store gigabytes of data. Whoopee.

They're also easily destroyed. Have butterfingers? Drop that $20 Bob Dylan disc, even once, and it may never play, play, play, play properly again without skipping and stuttering.

They're slow. Insert a disc into your computer or game console drive. Wait. Wait some more. Make coffee. Perhaps by then the disc will be ready for you to actually use it.

iPods and other digital music players helped drive a stake into CD music players. Flash media and the cloud are helping push out computer CD-ROM drives, too. These days, a CD drive is an add-on accessory and not a computing necessity. Streaming availability of all those shows and movies we used to buy in physical form is chipping away at the DVD and Blu-ray market.

Goodbye discs. And good riddance.