10 Ways Watches Have Evolved

Digital Underground
LED watches were popular for a time, but were eclipsed by the LCD (light crystal display) watches, also introduced in 1972. (SSPL/Getty Images)

The Hamilton Watch Company may have been down after its electric watch died, but it was definitely not out. It was working all along on the next new thing. Something which would take the watch world by storm: the digital watch. When the Hamilton Pulsar debuted in 1972, it cost $2,100, which would be nearly $12,000 in 2014, putting it in Jay-Z timepiece territory. But look at what you got for your money! An 18k gold watch with a ruby crystal, which made the little LED readout red. The 25-chip circuit inside the watch sucked up so much power that it couldn't display the time continuously -- you had to push a button to get the time to show up on the screen.